Sisters {October 2019}

It’s another bumper sisters post this month as I totally missed the September sisters update. Again. I’m hoping one day life will slow down. I could then catch up on blogging, self care, see friends…. I’m not holding out much hope for the time being though

It’s mad that when I look back over two months, we’ve gone from long hot summer days where we had all sorts of little adventures and trips out, to full on autumn in that short space of time. So much has happened with my two girls in that time too.

Two sisters in a splash park, playing with a jet of water, laughing
Two sisters painting pottery
Two sisters having a carpet picnic

Lottie has started at nursery in the ‘big school’ and Frankie is furious that she has to stay at preschool. She is desperate to go with Lottie and her friends and is a little lost without her Lottie comfort blanket. Frankie has always been a nice balance of confidence and shyness, if that makes any sense. But now that she’s having to face situations on her own, I’m seeing cautious Frankie coming to the fore a little. It’s really interesting to see what happens when you change that sisters dynamic.

two young sisters, one sitting on a log, one standing behind, leaning on it.
Two sisters from behind, leaning on a fence, looking at ducks

The girls got on like a house on fire over the summer and I think they’re missing each other now that Lottie is in nursery every morning. When we get home after lunch, they are always together and I quite often find them having a little chill out together.

Two sisters, sitting side by side on chairs, watching TV

As expected after so long of them getting along famously though, we are starting to see some cracks appear. The two are bickering, like only sisters can do. There is a lot of ‘memememememe’ going on, and each of them always wants what the other has. It’s forgotten in an instant and they’re back to being besties straight away, thank goodness.

two sisters sitting side by side on a tree stump in a wood

We’ve had such a busy few months that I for one am really looking forward to a bit of down time this half term. Lazy days and pottering around the village and the stables are much needed.

Two sisters standing on a gate, looking at a horse