Sisters {August 2019}

How any parent works, runs a household and blogs in the summer holidays is quite beyond me. In our house something had to give, and it’s been blogging. I missed my sisters post altogether in July, but to keep the full year’s record here, I’ll just share one photo of them from July before moving on to our busy August.

two girls sitting on garden steps with their back to the camera.
It certainly isn’t an insta-worthy picture, with all the toys and crap in the garden, but I just love it when they sit on the steps together like this. I often find them here after dinner, having a little chinwag.

The summer holidays were a bit of a worry for me. Lottie doesn’t cope particularly well with routines changing. Frankie needs constant entertaining if you want to keep her out of mischief, so six weeks seemed a bit daunting. But I needn’t have worried. These two sisters have become as thick as thieves and have played so nicely together.

At the beginning of August, we went on holiday to Mersea Island. We stayed in a caravan, took Woody with us and spent lots of time swimming, walking, scooting and playing on the beach and the girls absolutely loved it. I think these are some of my favourite photos of them to date…

two little girls on the decking of a beach hut, leaning on the balustrade
two little sisters on the decking of a beach hut, leaning on the balustrade
two little sisters on the decking of a beach hut, leaning on the balustrade
two little sisters sitting next to one another on the decking of a beach hut

There are too many photos to share all of them, and so many lovely memories. Lottie properly found her feet with scooting and gained the confidence to jump in the pool on her own. Frankie climbed anything and everything in sight, and thought Woody swimming in the sea was the funniest thing she’d ever seen. She also LOVES a sandcastle building session.

two sisters playing in the sand together
two little sisters sitting on the steps of a caravan, one kissing the other's cheek

And they adored sleeping in the same room. Every morning, we heard ‘Morning Lottie. Wake UP!’

two little sisters sleeping next to each other in twin beds

The rest of the July/August has been spent on play dates with friends, having slow days at home, exploring the amazing knitted enchanted forest by the Yarn Bombers in a local town and surviving that crazy heat wave at the beginning of the holidays.

two sisters in wellies, standing on a tree stump in the woods
two little sisters, sitting at a table with a mixing bowl and wooden spoon each
two sisters in a paddling pool
two little sisters exploring Hertford's Yarn Bombers' Enchanted Forest

My overriding memory of this summer will be how happy they have been together. And how exhausting they’ve been too!