Time for school: Should you go private or not?

Every single parent faces difficult choices when it comes to their children, but one of the hardest of all is whether to send them to public school or private school. Of course, most people in the UK choose to send their children to state schools that border their own catchment area, but some parents strive and save for years to make a private school education a reality for their children. It’s not the easiest decision to make, given that this choice is going to impact more than just their future. It’ll impact their friendships and how they learn, it’ll shape their choices and the way that they handle potentially difficult situations.

School isn’t for everyone. Some parents choose to home educate their children, and that’s a wonderful decision to make if it’s the right one for your family. However, when it comes to parents who want their children to go through the regular school system, the choices are always between public or private education. There are some things to consider before you settle on this choice, and there are some popular reasons that parents choose a private education for their children. Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when choosing a private education for your children below.

Blackboard showing ABC written in chalk with books on a desk

Consider… The cost

It’s not a secret that private education is a big expense. Not only do parents need to have some significant savings in the bank before choosing it, they need to think about whether a loan with secured loan rates can bridge any financial gaps that they may be facing. Think about how much money private education will cost versus the amount of money that you have. Then, weigh the scholarships and grants that you could be eligible for against what you can afford out of your own pocket. It’s the very first thing to think about when you consider a private education, as the cost can determine whether it’s a possibility for you at all.

Consider… The attention

Every single parent out there wants their children to go to school and be given as much attention as is necessary. They want their kids to be focused on for being the little geniuses that they are. Your children are no different, and you may find that with a private education, they get more concentrated attention on them and are more nurtured in the classroom. Private schools often have smaller class sizes, which gives the children a chance for more attention from the teachers. Issues with discipline are much fewer in private schools for this reason as children are far less likely to play up in a concentrated environment.

Consider… Your involvement

One of the biggest draws toward private school is in how much they want the parents to be involved in the education of their child. Private schools have higher expectations for parental involvement compared to public school. This means that the children will have a better chance at success in their school career as they are supported by both the teachers and the parents. Observe as a parent and see where you fit into the school environment, and then work with the school to best support your child.

Consider… The balance 

You want your children to get the very best out of their school education. The programme of learning that your child’s school lays on is integral to the choices that they will make later in life. A balanced programme of subjects and activities can really help your child to define where they stand in their learning. Many private education establishments run programmes differently to those schools that are public, including copying a higher education way of doing things with Wednesdays as a half day with half of it reserved for sports. A balance between classroom learning and sports is vital and you should ensure that your child is benefiting from this balance.
Private school is a big decision for your family, and you have to think beyond what your child needs and do what is also good for your bank balance as well! You have a lot of factors to consider, but perhaps the biggest is to ask what your child wants. What would they be happier doing? Which school appealed to them the most? Touring both types of school can make a big difference to their decision, so look around and make a decision that’s right for everyone.