Sisters {January 2019}

I cannot believe it’s already time for the first sisters post of 2019. January definitely isn’t my favourite month of the year, but for the first time in a long time, we’ve been largely illness free.

The last month has obviously seen Christmas, and it was really lovely to see our little sister duo experiencing it. It’s the first time that each of them has really understood what was going on and the excitement was palpable for the lead up.

During December we did a book advent and each night we would put the book in Gary’s wardrobe. As soon as they were ready for bed, the two of them would run to the wardrobe and knock on the door, with Frankie shouting ‘CHISTMAS’ at the top of her voice. But the loveliest thing was that they would always wait til the other was ready and go together to get the book.

With Lottie’s developmental delay, coupled with their closeness in age, the two girls do play largely with the same kinds of toys. That could go either way at Christmas, and the stockings very nearly caused a few rows. But on the whole, they’ve shared really nicely, swapping toys and playing together too, which was a relief.

two toddler sisters sitting in a play tent

I love that hiatus after Christmas before normal life resumes as we all get a chance to slow down a bit. And it was lovely to have some time together as a family, and watch the girls’ bond grow even further. We had trips to the park, walks with the dog, and played with all the new toys.

two sisters sitting on a climbing frame car, one pretending to drive
two sisters, one pushing a dolls pram, and one on a scooter, going out for a walk with their dad
Two toddler sisters playing on a climbing frame car in a playground
Two toddler sisters standing side by side on a wall in bobble hats and coats

You may have noticed Frankie’s constant dummy in these photos, and that’s largely because she has hit the terrible twos over the last month. More on that in her next update, but the sweetest thing is to watch Lottie trying to comfort Frankie if she’s starting to get grizzly. Having said that, when full blown tantrums kick off, Lottie is the first person to leave the room.

Lottie’s preschool run has become a time when her and Frankie really interact. On drop-off, Frankie is in the buggy while Lottie walks (otherwise we’d never get there) and Lottie makes funny faces and bounces around on the buggy board to make Frankie laugh. Then on the way home, the two of them walk together, and they play so nicely, running, laughing, looking for birds and dogs. I know some people hate the school run, but it’s often one of my favourite parts of the day at the moment. I just love watching their friendship strengthen.

two sisters in coats and hats, running down a path, following one another