First birthday gift guide

What to get a little girl who has everything for her first birthday? That was the problem I was faced with as Frankie turned one. Her first birthday was just a few months after Christmas, where she had been thoroughly spoilt. She also has all of Lottie’s toys and clothes passed down to her and quite frankly, our house is full to bursting with bright, light-up, singing plastic as well as gorgeous wooden toys.

So I had to think a bit smaller and a bit outside the toy box for this first birthday haul and she seemed to be over the moon with the results.

a range of presents purchased for a little girl's first birthday on a white background


Grow and Play Sing Along Microphone, £8.50, Sainsbury’s

Frankie absolutely loves this at the moment, she dances along to the songs and thinks it’s hilarious when someone speaks through it. When I was searching for the link online, I realised that we own most of Sainsbury’s own range of preschool toys. They’re pretty popular in our house, reasonably priced and really good quality. The microphone has a good range of songs and actually amplifies the voice.


That’s Not My Monkey & That’s Not My Tiger, £3.49 each, Amazon

Is there a preschooler in the land who doesn’t own a That’s Not My…. book? We are amassing quite a collection and Frankie really enjoy exploring the different textures on the pages. I think it’s a really clever way to get little ones into books. I’m really keen for the girls to enjoy reading and Lottie is already a bookworm, so these are a great little extra for birthdays.


Animal Alley 15.5″ Elephant, £14.99, Toys R Us

When I was little, I always wanted a huge teddy of some description and I was never allowed. I’m not sure why, but I think my mum saw them as a bit OTT. But I still love them now. Lottie is currently in love with a similar sized monkey and she loves cuddling it. But so does Frankie. Imagine the arguments. So this elephant is fast becoming Frankie’s bestie, despite being as big as she is.


Grow and Play Ball Assortment, £3.00 each, Sainsbury’s 

Another Sainsbury’s special. These balls have a little bell inside and the girls love rolling it to one another. They don’t play together all that often yet, so it’s really cute to see.


Teletubbies Phone Activity Toy, £9.99, Argos

I think this is Frankie’s favourite first birthday present of all. It’s a little phone with four buttons on it and each one plays a few phrases and THE most annoying tune, which she absolutely loves to dance to. It also has a little mirror on the front, It entertains her for ages and is perfect for car journeys.


Grow and Play Shake Shake Teddy, £4.50, Sainsbury’s 

Sometimes the simple toys are the best and I think all little ones love these shakey tubes. Lots of tiny colourful balls that make their way through the different levels and make a great noise as they go.


Guess How Much I Love You Breakfast Set, £11.20, Tesco

In my family, it’s a rite of passage to have a breakfast set for your first birthday. I still have my Beatrix Potter one 30-odd years later. This one has a bowl, plate and little cup and is super cute.



First Birthday bodysuit, £15, Cotton and Bloom

For each of Lottie’s birthdays, she has had a birthday top from Cotton and Bloom, so I decided to carry this on as a tradition for Frankie. I chose the Liberty of London Applique this time adn it’s gorgeous. These tops are really soft, wash really well and look like new when you’re ready to buy the next one. I think they’re really nice keepsakes for when the girls are older too.

one year old girl, sitting, holding milestone card, reading today is my first birthday


Birthday cards, various prices, Hallmark

I’m a bit sentimental about birthday cards. I keep mine every year, and I am keeping the girls’ cards in their memory boxes too. In years to come they won’t remember the gifts, but they can look back on the words written by their loved ones. It’s one of the last remnants of the written word in an electronic society. Hallmark sent us a range of their cards to review and they are just gorgeous. There are some really unusual designs such as the Noah’s Ark Granddaughter card, and the Disney Princess with the full dress. They are absolutely lovely and I’ll be searching them out for future birthdays. (This may sound really silly as I know you throw them away, but the envelopes are really pretty too!)


A party dress, prices vary, The Princess and the Frock

I discovered The Princess and The Frock when I was searching for Lottie’s second birthday party dress and we absolutely love them. The dresses are beautiful and such good quality. The customer service is amazing and it’s all handmade in Britain at really reasonable prices. I managed to get this gorgeous design in the sale a few months before Frankie’s birthday and I absolutely love it.

one year old in party dress sitting on the floor, holding a balloon

Disclaimer – We were sent the cards from Hallmark free of charge for the purpose of this post, all other items were bought by us. All opinions are honest and our own.