Dear Frankie Mabel: You’re one year old

Dear Frankie Mabel, You’re one year old, baby girl! Where has that year gone? I thought Lottie’s first year flew by, but with two of you keeping me on my toes, yours seems to have passed by even quicker. It seems incomprehensible that this time last year you were that snuggly little bundle and in just 12 months, you’ve become a walking, talking, giggling, roaring package of pure gorgeousness.

You turned one year old on a Sunday, which gave us a brilliant chance to get all of your family over to celebrate with us. And you just loved it. You’re a social butterfly, so having lots of people to chat to, play with, giggle with, is your idea of heaven. Throw in presents, balloons and food and I think it was your best day ever.  one year old girl in pink cardigan, smiling, holding milestone card saying today is my first birthday one year old girl, sitting, holding milestone card, reading today is my first birthday

It was actually quite lucky that we had organised a party, as we had a decent covering of snow. So we wouldn’t have been able to go out anywhere for long. It was so cold!

one year old in party dress sitting on the floor holding red gift bag

Your sister enjoyed the party just as much, although I think she was a bit jealous of the presents. She kept trying to pick up as many as she could and disappear.

one year old girl, looking at pile of birthday presents one year old girl in pyjamas, sitting on a rug, holding a ball one year old girl standing with dad, opening birthday present one year old girls with older sister with back to camera, looking at pile of birthday presents

Your first taste of cake was a bit of a disappointment. While you loved the look of it, you really weren’t that bothered with eating it. Preferring the glittery paper cake topper. (It’s OK, Lottie and I will eat your share in future!)

one year old looking at birthday cake in surprise

This month, sleep has been a bit hit and miss. We’ve had a fair few nights of you sleeping through, which is bliss, but probably an equal number where it’s been disturbed. I’m pretty sure it’s either teething or growing and hence hungry with you though. You’ve just cut your 12th tooth, which is pretty early, but at least you’re getting them out of the way quickly.

Naps are getting a bit more regular since we decided to cut out the morning nap and move your afternoon nap earlier. This seems to work well for you and you wake up in the most delightful, smiley mood. You still refuse to settle yourself in the cot, but we can’t have everything.

You continue to eat really well. But you are definitely deciding what you do and don’t like and if you don’t want to eat it, you look straight at me, pick up the offending object and throw it on the floor. At least we aren’t left in any doubt, I guess.

You’re a cheeky little monkey and at one year old, you’re still 100 miles an hour. You’re truly exhausting to look after, but the most fun. I think Lottie likes going to preschool to have a rest from you now that you are on your feet. In true little sister style, you want every single thing she so much as looks at. She is very patient with you most of the time, but you do get the odd shove. You think it’s particularly funny if she lands you on your bottom. Then you get straight up and go back to steal whatever it is all over again.


This month you’ve been loving:

Roaring and playing tigers with daddy – you and Lottie will run away from Daddy when he tells you the tigers are coming and there are always shrieks of giggles and lots of roaring as you run. All someone needs to say is tiger now and you’re roaring away.

Running away – The words ‘come here please’ have an adverse effect on you and send you running away giggling every single time.

The snow – We stayed in for much of 2018’s ‘Beast from the East’, but when we did venture out, you loved exploring the white stuff.

Blowing kisses – every time anyone leaves, whether you know them or not.

The park – Just like your sister you love being outside, and you adore going off exploring at the park. And you’ll happily sit on the swing for as long as we let you.

one year old girl in bobble hat, playing with oversized abacus

Your teddies – You really love a big cuddle with your teddy bears, especially if you’re a bit sleepy.

Lights – Your absolute favourite part of Baby Sensory.

one year old girl in blue dress, playing with string lights, sitting on the floor

Laughing – Not an hour passes that I don’t hear your gorgeous giggle when you are awake.

one year old girl, sitting in highchair in pink bib, smiling with head on one side

Parties – Belle of the ball.

I’m pretty sure I will be the same on every single one of yours and Lottie’s birthdays, but I feel a huge mixture of emotions with you turning one year old. A little sad at one of your last milestones being ticked off, proud of the little girl you are, excited to see what the next year holds and so much more.

Your first year has one big overarching feeling for me – Joy. You’ve come into our lives bringing happiness, laughter, a true lust for life and a real enthusiasm every single day. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for you and to watch your grow and develop. But don’t forget, one year old or not, you’ll forever be my baby!

mother holding one year old girl, smiling

Happy birthday little one

All my love

Mama xxx




  1. March 24, 2018 / 4:49 pm

    Aww that made me tear up. Happy birthday little one. Where does the time go? Xx