Dear Frankie Mabel: 14 months old

Dear Frankie Mabel…  It’s mad to think that last time I wrote to you on your first birthday, it was snowing, and today at 14 months old, it’s been bright sunshine and we’ve been out playing in the garden. And just like the weather, you’ve changed so much in the last two months and are developing into the funniest, craziest, sweetest little girl.

14 months old girl with bobble hat, sitting in pram, smiling

Last month we went on your second holiday, to Center Parcs again. And as you are now walking, a whole new world was opened up this time. You had such fun running around with Lottie and exploring.

You’re still 100 miles per hour and not a day passes without you making me laugh and exasperating me in equal measures. I need eyes in the back of my head to keep you safe and in check. You’re into everything, finding out about your world and getting yourself into trouble 24/7. I’ve never known anyone with so much energy.

14 months old girl in sunhat, walking up the garden path, away from camera

The upside of all your antics, though, is that you sleep so well now. I’m probably jinxing it, but at 14 months old, you mostly sleep through the night, and if you do wake up, it’ll only be once for a bottle and then you’re straight back to sleep. You’re also now going to sleep on your own. I hung on to those bedtime cuddles for a long time. They were extended at first because of your reflux, then because you were furious at being put down awake and screamed the house down, waking up Lottie. But last week I bit the bullet and after a little cuddle, put you down awake again. You you had a little cry, then went off to sleep. Since then, you’ve just rolled over and gone to sleep every night. You adjust so well and I’m really proud of you. But I do miss those sleepy snuggles.

14 month old girl asleep in car seat holding toy lamb

The only thing is, you do still love an early morning. 6am is a lie-in for you. I’m hoping that may change as you get older.

You’ve also started to have a little time without me or daddy each week recently. Lottie is now going to preschool an extra morning, so you stay with my friend who used to look after her. Again, you took all of this in your stride and despite being with me 24/7 until 14 months old, you don’t even give me a backwards glance when I leave. I really miss you, but it’s good for both of us to have some time alone.

You’re chatting away now, largely babbling, but you are picking up new words every day. You say hiya, bye-bye, mama, dada, up, apple, banana (or nana), uh-oh, duck and go. You also make lots of animal noises. If you hear a dog bark, you woof back to it. If I ask if you want to go and see Lottie when she wakes up from a nap or in the morning, you run down the landing, shouting ‘hiya, hiya, hiya’. You absolutely adore her, it’s so cute.

You’re also developing a real sense of humour and have a hilarious growly laugh when you’re being cheeky. If I ask you to come here, you’ll often run away, laughing and if I chase you, you think it’s hilarious.

This month you’ve been loving:

Climbing – anything and everything. I’ve found you on chairs, the dining room table, even on a wall mounted shelf.

14 months old girl, sitting on dining room table 14 months old girl standing on dining room chair, leaning on table

Swimming – You loved the pool on holiday and never wanted to get out.

Books – You’d read books all day if you could. You love the ‘That’s not my…’ series in particular.

14 months old girl sitting on sofa, reading with father

Cuddles – Despite all your crazy energy, you love a cuddle and will happily snuggle in for a good long cuddle, especially when you’ve just woken up.

Dancing – You’ve got the moves! As soon as you hear music, you drop everything and start dancing.

14 months old girl, dancing in the garden in sunshine

Exploring – You have to investigate every single corner of every room or space you enter.

The great outdoors – Just like your big sister, you simply love being outside in the garden, the park, anywhere really, as long as there’s sunshine and you can run.

14 months old girl in sun dress and hat, in the park

14 months old girl sitting in a swing

14 months old girl in sunhat, looking down

14 month old girl with back to the camera, looking at a field of sheep and lambs

Selfies – The best faces.

selife of 14 months old girl with mother

selfie of 14 months old girl in carrier, held by mother

I’m not going to lie sweetie, you are truly exhausting. But I would not have you any other way. Your boundless energy is delightful and inspiring, and I love to see you enjoying life and everyone and everything in it.

You adapt amazingly well to whatever we throw at you, new environments, new people, new experiences. But there is still a truly charming part of you that sees you come and wrap yourself around my leg, hiding your face, if you’re a little unsure. You will always come back for a cuddle and some reassurance before heading off to get stuck in again.

Development is happening at lightning speed in your life. And it brings that age old conundrum. I don’t want you to grow up so fast, but at the same time, I could not be more proud of you if I tried.

Keep being you, gorgeous girl. You are one of a kind and even at just 14 months old, the world could do with more souls like you.

14 months old girl, sitting in highchair, laughing and clapping

All my love,

Mama xxx