Winter fashion tricks you’ll love

Everybody has a favourite season. For some it’s summer, when boho vibes are strong and you don’t need to worry about wearing a jacket to cover up your outfit. For others, it’s winter, when everything is snuggly and warm and you can easily cover up a plain outfit with a stylish coat.

However, some people struggle with the transition from summer to winter dressing. How can you make sure your winter outfits look great when you have to wrap up warm? A different set of rules apply during winter than in summer.

Here, we’re going to give you some winter fashion tricks you’re going to love. Read on so you can prepare for the season in style:

stylish woman showing off some top winter fashion tricks

Belt your coat

Wearing a coat is pretty much something you’ll be doing all the time in winter. How about using a belt to bring yours in and change the silhouette? It can make a huge difference and instantly make your outfit look more flattering and interesting.

Become a layering pro

Learn how to layer different pieces so you can stay warm and fashionable at the same time. You’ll want long sleeved tops, jumpers, scarves, and jackets that can all be layered without making you look like you’re actually wearing a ton of layers. You’ll be able to keep a svelte silhouette if you figure out how to layer effectively. Remember, when layering, having your darkest layer on the outside usually looks best. That being said, feel free to make your own rules and dress how you are comfortable.

Show off a great pair of shoes

You might not be able to show off much when it’s freezing cold, but you can definitely show off a great pair of shoes, Leopard print and other animal prints are big right now, so don’t be afraid to buy a pair of nice boots that will see you through the season.

Don’t neglect your accessories

Make sure you have accessories that will complement your winter looks, such as statement rings and stacking rings, and a trusty watch. These armani ladies watches can look great with just about anything, but make sure you shop around to find one that you love. Your watch should look great dressed up or down, especially if you’re only going to have one.

Invest in a thick pair of tights

A thick pair of tights can mean being able to wear your favourite dresses and skirts during winter. Hooray! Why not try layering a jumper over the top?

Buy a hat that suits your hairstyle and face shape

A hat will help to keep your head and ears all snug. Beanies look great, but choose a hat that you feel suits your hairstyle and face shape best.

Add a little colour

Finally; winter doesn’t mean dressing all in black, dark shades, or even neutral. Add a pop of color! You’ll brighten up the day and it’ll put you in a much better mood.

Which of these tricks will you use? Leave a comment!


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.