Tips for giving your wardrobe a spring makeover

With spring just around the corner, everything is coming back into bloom and the trends for the season often reflect this change. If you too are looking for an upgrade, this article will give you some of the best ways to bring back the warm-weather feel and revitalise your wardrobe.

For starters, having the right accessories is a great place to start. Jewellery can add so much to your outfit and help the spring side come out. For example, a pair of silver stud earrings can really give your look a fresh feel and upgrade your outfit. It’s often simple things that can make a bigger difference.

Tips for giving your wardrobe a spring makeover

You don’t want to break the bank when you are upgrading your wardrobe this spring. So following these tips will help keep things within budget so you can make the most of your options.

  • Choose any inspiring theme

To get ideas on updating your spring wardrobe, get flicking through some magazines and start looking at themes or individuals that you find inspiring. You want to accentuate your personal style and quite often, themes can help you do that and achieve the look you desire. As spring comes the weather gets warmer and you may switch to light blouses and blue jeans with brighter coloured jewellery. You can look to western or Hollywood styles for themes and get inspired that way. Either way, you’ll want to get looking at things like Pinterest and lookbooks to start picking up ideas and themes you’re pulled towards.

  • Choose colour palettes and get some key pieces

Instead of buying lots of things, get key items that stand out and you can mix and match the basics with. When thinking about spring you will also want to consider the shades that naturally go with spring and mix them into your wardrobe.

With key pieces, they will be the more versatile ones that can be adapted such as a denim coat or a trendy skirt. They can be styled in different ways and help bring out the best in your spring style.

  • Give your current stuff a twist

If you want to work with what you already have, this is a great way to add some spring in your wardrobe. Try different combinations or add a new pair of shoes to a given outfit to give it a fresh new style. Layers can also be a wonderful idea if you want to rediscover and start a fresh trend. Feel free to get inventive at this stage as the more creative you get the more ideas you will discover.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to give your wardrobe a fresh feel for spring. You don’t have to go on a shopping spree and end up spending your pay in a day. Instead, work with the above tips to get the most from what you have already and bounce into spring with style.

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