Sisters {December 2018}

My last sisters post ended in hoping for less germs. And this month I bring you the sisters post while they both slumber upstairs covered in chicken pox spots. Poor little loves.

It’s getting a bit ridiculous this winter with illnesses now, and the poor girls seem to have been ill more than they’ve been well. As a result, we’ve again not been out much, and I’ve been super busy with work, so I’ve only got a few photos of the two of them together to share this month.

We’ve been getting ready for Christmas over the past few weeks and the girls loved getting stuck in to stir up Sunday a few weeks back. The end results remain to be seen though. We’ve also made some mince pies and to be fair they are delicious.

Two sisters at a dining room table, stirring up a Christmas cake mix with wooden spoons

We also decorated the Christmas tree together, but sadly it was the night that Frankie was coming down with the pox and had a fever, so all of the photos of her, she’s in her vest. She was (understandably) quite cranky, so there is only one of the two sisters together. We’ll smile back on chickenpox Christmas in years to come I’m sure…

Ben the horse is coming in at night now that it’s got colder and the girls love coming to help at the stables. They stir feeds, sweep up, pat Ben and constantly splash in puddles. It’s so lovely to watch them laughing and playing together in the great outdoors, away from screens and plastic (although please don’t get me wrong, those things are fully part of the day too!) 

I’m not sure why but other than those bits, it’s been a fairly quiet month. We had quite a lot of festive plans over the last week which sadly we had to cancel, as the furthest we’ve gone is the doctors surgery. But we did take a detour on the way home to see our village’s festive post box topper which the girls loved.

Two sisters, one in buggy, one standing, in front of a post box with a knitted festive scene on top

And we’ve managed to postpone our trip to see the big FC until Sunday (nothing like cutting it fine to get those requests in), so hopefully next month, there may be some photos that weren’t taken in our house.

Despite being stuck indoors the girls have been getting on really well. I quite often find them with their arms around each other, watching TV, or playing together. Frankie loves to give Lottie a cuddle, which Lottie isn’t hugely keen on, but does tolerates. They also often swap food at dinner time and if Frankie has something she knows Lottie likes, she’ll hand it over and say ‘herego Dottie’!

However Frankie is still in stealing mode and will quite often take Lottie’s favourite cuddly monkey and run away giggling, leaving great upset in her wake.She also thinks everything is to be shared and quite often causes rows by ploughing into her sister’s games. But as quickly as the arguments start,they’re over again and the two of them are back to cuddling and playing.

I think both our girls are going to be little performers, as they just love singing and dancing, and quite often after dinner, they can be found putting on their own little show while I clean up in the kitchen. 

Lottie has recently started copying Frankie every time I tell her not to do something. So for example, Frankie will put her foot on the dining room table, so I ask her to take it down as feet don’t belong on the table. And as soon as I do, Lottie will put her feet on the table. It’s like she’s seeing if the rules are the same for each of them. I hope it’s another phase…

I’m not going to wish for a germ free January siblings post, as I think that may be tempting fate, so for now, I’m hoping for some nice festive pics for next month at the least.