Lottie Loves: Dr Brown’s Deluxe Electric Steriliser

As I have mentioned before, Lottie suffered from colic in her first month of life. Anyone who has had a baby with colic will know how distressing it is for a parent to see their baby so upset and not to be able to help them.

So we chatted a lot to Doctor Google to come up with ways to minimise this and decided, amongst many other things, to change to Dr Brown’s bottles, as they have a unique anti-colic valve. Since she has used these, the colic has passed, so we love them and would never change them.

So when we were asked if we would like to try the Dr Brown’s Dr Brown’s Deluxe Electric Steriliser, we jumped at the chance. We had been lucky enough to be given a second hand electric steriliser before Lottie arrived, but the Dr Brown’s bottles are taller than many others on the market and have lots of parts to them, so they didn’t fit too well in our old one and I would end up with it constantly turned on to get everything cleaned.


The Dr Brown’s Deluxe Steriliser fits six of their bottles and all of the bits and pieces, so it only needs to go on once or twice a day now, which makes life much easier and keeps the electric bills down!

Dr Browns Deluxe Electric Steriliser

There is a handy tray in the top, which fits in little bits and pieces such as the filters, teats and collars and dummies so that you don’t have to fish around in the bottom for them.

2015-10-21 16.27.37

On the side of the base, there is a little water measurer so that you are using the right amount of water each time, and on the other side, a pair of tongs to keep everything clean when removing items.

2015-10-21 16.28.20

So just pop everything in, add the water, press the button and everything is sterilised in 12 minutes. Simple.

I also really like the clean blue and white design of the steriliser. The product retails for  around £52.20 and I think it’s a great investment for bottle fed babies.

We also got sent the Dishwasher Basket from Dr Brown’s, which you can pop all of those little bits into to go in the dishwasher so that they don’t get lost in the deep dark depths of the dishwasher. Makes life even easier.

2015-10-21 16.30.55

2015-10-21 16.30.37





  1. November 1, 2015 / 11:14 am

    Wow I need this in my life haha! We have our old TT sterliser and it’s such a faff trying to get them in – like doing a puzzle every time haha xx

    • heelsandhooves
      November 5, 2015 / 10:12 pm

      Haha, I was the same! This is brilliant. Dead easy to clean too xx