Ensuring the best life for a family pet

A family dog quickly becomes an additional member of the family, and you want them to have the best life possible. In order for your pet to enjoy its life to the fullest, you need to make sure you have all the basics in place; these include proper training, a comfortable home, and more.   

Formative training 

If you are bringing a family dog into your home, there are two ways to train them; you can adopt one that has some basic training already, which means you can integrate them quickly into the family and reduce your training schedule. The downside is the dog isn’t trained by the family. 

The second option is to train the dog yourself; while this requires more time and dedication, it does mean you become familiar with the dog, and they learn from you rather than someone else. Formative training is very important for you and your dog to offer them the happiest life possible. 

Plenty of exercise 

Once your dog is trained, you will get into a routine with them. Depending on the breed of dog you have, they will require more or less exercise, but even small lazy dogs need time in the park now and again. A healthy dog is a happy dog so give them plenty of exercise during the day. 

Typically, exercise for a dog means heading to the park and chasing an object of some description, but exercise can also happen in the comfort of your home. If you have a garden, that’s a perfect opportunity to chase a ball or roll on the grass. Or they can play with puzzles.   

Brain food 

A puzzle is a kind of brain food for a dog, especially more intelligent dogs. Like humans, some dogs require mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy, so make sure you know the characteristics of the breed and source some suitable brain food for them when they’re at home. 

Dog puzzles are a great idea, and they come in different styles. Some dog puzzles are a mat of artificial grass that allows you to hide dog treats inside; your family pet will have a wonderful time sniffing out the dog treats as you watch. Other puzzles are more technical for smart dogs.  

Comfortable spaces 

If you want to give your dog the happiest life possible, then make sure they have plenty of comfortable spaces to enjoy in the home. After a long walk and plenty of exercises, a dog likes nothing more than to flop down in its bed and turn its attention to catching up on sleep. 

If you want your dog to have a long deep snooze and wake up feeling energetic and playful, invest in a quality dog bed with a soft mat inside. Some dogs like kennels outside as well; this can be a good option if you have a suitable climate and a larger dog with space requirements. 

Health services

Both dogs and humans eventually grow old and require some health services; if you want to ensure your dog has a happy and healthy life, you need to make sure they have proper insurance cover and a Pet cremation cover as they come to the end of their natural life. 

Please note – this is a collaborative post