Dear Frankie Mabel: 22 months old

Dear Frankie Mabel, Firstly, I need to apologise for totally missing your 20 month letter. I just knew I wouldn’t manage to do every one the same as Lottie’s – that’s the reality of being a second child I’m afraid. But I can tell you that you were as gorgeous, cute, energetic, fiery and shy as ever. Life got really busy at the end of last year, and blogging took a back seat.

22 months old girl on a swing, smiling

But we are back, and I cannot believe we are just one post away from you being two. Part of me feels as though you’ve been here forever, but the other part can’t believe two years have nearly passed since I was pregnant with you. Or that you’re now older than Lottie was when you arrived!

It’s also a bittersweet thing as a parent to watch your children grow. I love to watch you develop and learn, and you are genuinely a joy to be around as you discover your world, but part of me wants to keep you and Lottie little forever and to slow down time.

22 months old girl wearing adult boots

Your development has astounded me recently. You’re picking up new words daily and are now stringing three or four together. Your play has become much more advanced and you love a bit of roleplay. You identify pictures or objects that I sometimes don’t even know you’ve seen before. You remember names of people we only see very occasionally and you know routines and scenarios like the back of your hand.

You’re fiercely independent at just 22 months old, insisting that you do everything on your own. Yet you still need endless cuddles and reassurance when in unfamiliar environments. It’s the sweetest paradox.

Your lust for life is infectious. You take great delight in spotting everyday things while we are out like dogs, birds, cats etc. You love tractors, aeroplanes and dinosaurs, but wouldn’t be without your dolls or fairies either. I love your fascination with things and the innocence of just loving what you love.

22 month old in pink dress playing with tractor toy

Singing and dancing

Your rendition of ‘inkle inkle, ickle saaaar’ is possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. You’re also getting the hang of a few other nursery rhymes, but the best is when you stand up on the sofa or bed and ad lib. We all get a name check in Frankie’s songs. The rest is largely babble, but you do love to make a dance routine of sorts to them as well.


You love to count everything. You can go up to 13 fairly well at 22 months old, which stuns me, but then it all goes a bit random. You count stairs, toys, books, food, anything and everything.


Your love for the dog is far from waning, I’m pretty sure it’s growing daily. You ask for him as soon as you get up and cuddle and kiss him constantly. He is made to play games with you, go for walkies round the house and all manner of other things. He’s so good, he just does what you tell him to do.

22 months old girl playing tea parties with a yellow labrador
22 months old girl sitting in a dog bed with a yellow labrador

Drawing and painting

I think you’d do crafts all day if you could. There’s always a craft table at the playgroup we go to and you call it painting club. As soon as we get there, you make a beeline for the sticking, painting etc. Whenever I’m making dinner, you’ll sit at the table and ask for ‘pens please mummy’. And you’ll happily sit and draw for ages.


You’re still on the waiting list for swimming, so while daddy takes Lottie to the pool on a Sunday, you and I go to see Ben. You cannot get out of the car quick enough when we get there, and we have to go and see all the horses and sheepies. You love mixing feeds and sweeping up, always telling me ‘I help mummy’.

22 months old girl, helping make feeds at the stables

Being outside

Whatever the weather, you’d rather be outside at all times. And getting you back in the house is always a bit of a mission.

22 months old girl splashing in puddles in red wellies

The Gruffalo

Your favourite book. So much so that you recite certain parts of it. Especially ‘Gruffalo crumble’!


You love baking anything. Wierdly, you’re not fussed by actually eating cake or biscuits, but stirring up the mixture is a favourite.

22 month old girl standing at table stirring cake mixture


Every time you hear a bird singing, we have to find the bird. As soon as you see them, you get so excited.


Nearly the end of Jan. You’re still asking for Father Christmas every night. Then when I say he isn’t coming, your bottom lip goes and you say ‘Chismas. Goooone.’ It could be a long 11 months.

22 months old girl putting bauble on a christmas tree
22 months old girl with tinsel around her shoulders

Recently the terrible twos have kicked in with a vengeance and if you hear the word no, there can be almighty tantrums. But you get over them fairly quickly and will always come for a cuddle and whisper ‘sorry mummy’ in my ear. You are the most polite little girl, always saying please and thank you, which melts me. And I could not be more proud of you. You are already looking after Lottie, patting and cuddling her if she’s sad. You adore your family, and are just the sweetest little thing. But not sickly sweet. There’s some real sass in there too.

I’m just loving watching you learn and grow and become the gorgeous little girl you are. I can’t take my eyes off you for a moment without chaos ensuing. I went to the toilet last week and you opened the door to the postman!! Don’t ever change, little one.

22 months old girl with box of tissues tipped up on the floor

All my love

Mama xxx