Dear Frankie Mabel: 18 months old

Dear Frankie Mabel

It feels like forever ago that I last wrote to you when you turned 16 months. We’ve packed a lot into the summer and, once again, you seem to have grown up so much. Having said that, I can’t believe you’re already 18 months old already, time is going so fast. I registered you to start preschool recently and I know the next six months will be over in a flash and you’ll be joining Lottie in your little green jumper before we know it.

18 month old girl, sitting in highchair, smiling at camera

Having said that it’s all going fast, I’m enjoying every second of watching you grow up. You’ve recently hit the so-called terrible two’s early and your tantrums can be heard in the next village. And while I could do with less of the screaming, it’s showing just what a strong little person you are. I’m also learning that although you don’t react well to ‘no’ (understatement), you are very open to negotiation. So I’m learning to be a kick-ass artist of distraction. Snacks are my best friend.

18 month old girl, sitting on bench, eating apple

You’ve suddenly developed a real scowl. It doesn’t go along with the tantrums. It’s your concentrating face. So you quite regularly bestow it upon complete strangers while you are watching them and having a nose into their lives. It’s the cutest thing ever, but it can make people a little uncomfortable.

18 month old girl standing in garden, scowling

I think I always say on these posts that you are a little whirlwind, but have a real softie side too. And that personality is only growing now that you’re 18 months old, with each side getting more intense. You are into everything, always on the go and you make everyone laugh with your 100 mph nature. But then in the blink of an eye, you’re there at my feet with your arms up, wanting ‘tuddles‘. And when I pick you up, you snuggle right into my shoulder, throw your arms around my neck and cuddle in tight for ages. They are the best cuddles and we cannot get enough of them.

18 month old girl in father's arms, looking into his eyes

Your sense of humour is really developing now and you suddenly get jokes and understand when things are funny. And when you get the joke, your little face just lights up. And your giggle can’t fail to make everyone join in.

18 month old girl standing on buggy board, smiling

Your speech is developing daily at the moment, and it’s fascinating to hear. You say new words all the time and pick things up straight away. Your current favourite word is tractor.

At 18 months you’re loving…


Since Lottie went back to preschool, I think you have been really missing her. When we go to pick her up, and you realise where we are going, your little smile creeps up and you start saying ‘Dottie, dottie’ (you’ve not quite mastered ‘l’ yet). And when they open the door, you go running in, find Lottie and give her the biggest cuddles. I can’t get enough of it.


Since your last update, Woody has arrived in our family, and you are in love. You come downstairs in the morning and after your nap, saying ‘puppy, hiya’ over and over. You give him cuddles all day long, you laugh at him, you feed him your toast crusts, you dance with him. You even copy him. And whenever we come home, you run straight to his crate and let him out.

18 month old girl dancing with yellow labrador puppy

18 month old girl drinking from a paddling pool, copying puppy

The phone

Any time you find a phone, you make a call. And if there is actually someone on the other end (Daddy), you are over the moon and will chat til the cows come home.


You love cuddles with everyone. You will snuggle in and give a squeeze to all your family and favourite people. And they’re never a quick affair, you love a long lingering hug.


You’ve been coming to the stables with me a bit more recently. When we’ve had the vet and when Ben was poorly. And we also go up there with Woody on a Sunday while daddy and Lottie go swimming. You think Ben is the funniest thing ever and when we get there, you get all excited and shout, ‘Bean. Horsey.’ You have no fear of him and love to give him a pat and feed him apples. I think daddy is worried that you’re getting a bit too keen…


One of the only times you sit still for longer than a few moments. Every day, you will go and get books to read.

18 month old sitting on grandad's lap reading

Mummy time

Although you’re missing Lottie while she is at preschool, I think you are also loving having one to one time with me too. We’ve been baking, drawing, going to new groups, and just chilling at home.


Every single day, without fail, you make me laugh, you make me smile, and you frustrate me. I know you won’t mind if you read this back when you’re older, but I’m always quite relieved to put you into your cot at night. Your lust for life is just amazing, but it’s also exhausting. It’s no wonder you sleep so much.

18 month old girl, pushing doll buggy up the garden path

18 month old girl sleeping in cot under duvet

I’m just loving watching your little personality develop. Hearing you talk. Seeing you learn. Watching your relationships grow. All of it fascinates me and delights me and I wouldn’t change one single bit of you for the world – no matter how tiring you are – even the tantrums.

18 month old girl chasing ball in sports hall

All my love

Mama xxx