What’s in my hospital bag

I’m 35 weeks pregnant now and it’s got to that time in the process whereby Mr M and I started to feel a little unprepared. We are probably (very likely) being paranoid first-time parents-to-be, but don’t the girl guides always say ‘be prepared’?

So earlier this week, we packed our hospital bags and I put my notes in my car, just in case Little R-M decides to make an early appearance. We have got three bags (I know!)  – one for me, one for Mr M with a change of clothes in case he is at work when the call comes, and of course, one for little R-M.

I’ve read untold lists of what to pack and to be honest, I’m still not sure if I have everything, but I thought I’d share with you what we’ve packed in my bag…

Firstly, I raided Primark for some cheap and cheerful nighties and slippers. Both nighties are two sizes bigger than my normal size, and are front opening, so will be ideal for breastfeeding if we are able to.

The slippers are slip-on, so easy to get on, and they are memory foam soles! I cannot wait to try these on.

I also have a lightweight waffle dressing gown from Primark (not pictured) to cover up as I’m moving around, or in case I get chilly.  And finally there are two nursing bras and some knickers, but I’m pretty sure nobody needs a picture of my underwear!

I will throw in a comfy going home outfit nearer the time, depending on the weather. I haven’t put this in yet, as I’m a bit limited on maternity clothes, so can’t afford for an outfit to be out of action at the moment.

Hospital bag clothes


Next up, the essentials. I got all of these from Asda and they include two packs of maternity pads, a packet of breast pads, and a bag of disposable knickers (not pictured). Oh the glamour!

I’ve also added in the eye mask that came with my Mama Academy pack, as I thought it may help me to get some rest if we are in overnight.

hospital bag essentials


In terms of toiletries, I have packed:

Fold up toothbrush (not pictured) and toothpaste
Body spray
Massage oil in case Mr M is feeling generous during labour
Dry shampoo (I don’t want to look a mess if I get sweaty and my hair goes greasy)
Face moisturiser
Water spray to cool me down during labout
Lip balm as apparently your lips can get really dry if you use gas and air
Extra Strong Mints for a freshen up

Hospital bag toiletries


I also have a mini The White Company set in there in case I get the luxury of a shower, which includes a soap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner and a body lotion.

Hospital bag miniature toiletries


In baby’s bag are many of the things I have already shown in my newborn baby haul #1 and #2 posts, so I won’t go into too much detail again, but below is a run down of what is in there for him/her.

Baby hospital bag contents



3 x short sleeve vests
2 x sleepsuits
A hat
A sleeping bag
2 x bibs
A cardigan

Toiletries etc

A grooming kit with hairbrush, nail clippers, comb etc
Extra sensitive baby wipes
Cotton wool (not pictured)
Pack of newborn nappies (I’m hoping to use reusable nappies, but for ease at the hospital, I thought disposable ones may be useful)


I’m hoping to breastfeed, but just in case this isn’t possible, I wanted to cover the possibility of bottle feeding too.
2 x bottles
2 x cartons ready made formula
2 x dummies (just in case)


Cellular blanket
Normal blanket
2 x muslin squares

All of this has packed perfectly into our fab Babymule changing bag, with each ‘category’ in a defferent compartment of the bag, so that everything is easy to find and access.



  1. July 7, 2015 / 10:13 am

    There are so many list out there aren’t there! Sounds like you’ve got most of it covered though :). I’d throw in some straws for you to drink with during labour (you probably won’t want to hold anything) and possibly some painkillers for after – my hospital were rubbish at giving these out! I must pack mine ASAP haha xx

    • heelsandhooves
      July 7, 2015 / 3:32 pm

      So many! And they all have something different on them to add in. I’m going to need a bigger suitcase soon! 😉 great ideas, thanks lovely. Just popped some straws and painkillers in the bag xx

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