Weekly gratitude// Whipsnade zoo and a haircut

I didn’t do a weekly gratitude post last week. I don’t know about anyone else, but we’ve had such a lovely summer holiday, that I’m a bit behind with everything else as a result. I’m sad that the holidays are coming to an end next week, but I think Lottie will be happy to be back at preschool and to see her friends. So I’ll cover the highlights from the last two weeks, which started with a trip to Whipsnade Zoo for Lottie’s big birthday treat.

weekly gratitudes - toddler and puppy walking together

Meeting real monkeys

As Lottie loves monkeys so much, we decided to take her to the zoo as her birthday treat this year. So we headed to Whipsnade Zoo as they have a big chimpanzee enclosure. The girls had a great day. We decided to take the car in as their little legs tire easily, so we got to see most of the animals. I’ve not been since I was little, and was really impressed by the set-up, but I would say it’s a long way round with toddlers and a big day out. They slept well that night. Lottie was over the moon to see the chimps, and they both particularly liked the penguins. Another one ticked off the summer bucket list.


It wouldn’t be the summer holidays if you didn’t have a bit of a clear out, would it? Our loft was getting full with baby equipment, and having decided that we’re sticking with two children, it seemed a bit silly to have it all up there. So we’ve had a good old fashioned clear out, and sold lots of bits. It’s nice to think they’ll go and be used with other babies. Even if it makes my ovaries hurt a bit…

Play dates

We’ve been catching up with lots of friends at the park and at home, and the girls have been loving having their friends to play with. The beauty of a play date for me is that the children entertain each other and you get the chance of a slightly warm cuppa and a chat, albeit a constantly interrupted one.

Lottie’s first ever haircut

I adore Lottie’s hair. She was born with a full head and it’s grown into the most beautiful wavy, highlighted mane. She’s so lucky. Partly because it’s so pretty and partly because she HATES it being touched, she’s never had it cut. But it was getting a bit ratty at the ends, so my lovely friend who is a hairdresser trimmed it. I was dreading it as I thought I’d have to pin her down and she’d get upset, but she actually sat really quietly and calmly and didn’t cry at all. So proud. Sometimes as a parent in general, but especially as an SEN parent, it’s the little things that make you the most proud.

Dog walks and exploring

Now that Woody is a bit older and is getting braver being out, we’ve been going a bit further on our walks and exploring the village. The girls love taking him out, come rain or shine and it’s so lovely to see them all running along together. I’m a country girl at heart and having my brood out in the fresh air enjoying themselves makes my heart happy.

Nanny’s home

My mum and dad came home from holiday last weekend and the girls were so excited to see them. The whole way there, they were saying nanny, nanny, and Lottie was squealing with excitement when we pulled up. I love the bond that they have with their grandparents.

A tooth

Frankie’s final one of the four canines is through. They have caused her (and as a result, us) so much grief and sleepless nights. So I’m really pleased the end is finally in sight. It’s still causing her trouble as it moves down but we’re nearly there.

Paediatrician appointment

This week saw the second appointment with Lottie’s community paediatrician. She was pleased with how Lottie has developed over the last six months. She also had no immediate concerns about anything. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I get so anxious before big appointments like that, but it was a big relief to know she’s doing well.


No veteran thoroughbred owner could let the last few weeks pass without thanking mother nature for finally giving us rain. I’m struggling so much to keep weight on Ben and worrying about going in to winter skinny. But the rain has made the grass grow and he’s finally covering his ribs a little bit. Fingers crossed the sunshine now stays so that we get some more through before winter kicks in.




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