Weekly gratitude// A third birthday and a teddy bears picnic

It’s been an exciting week in the R-M household, as Lottie turned three this week! Her third birthday celebrations are ongoing, as we have her main treat today, but she’s had a lovely week celebrating so far. I’m not sure she has any idea what a birthday means, but she’s enjoyed it nonetheless.

Birthday celebrations

I do love a good birthday celebration. I get stuck right into a theme – this year’s was monkeys and purple, Lottie’s faves – and get really excited to get all the little surprises ready. It’s even better for little ones, as it’s so exciting for them. So we had a day with family on Wednesday, with a chocolate monkey cake, presents and balloons; a rainy soft play date with friends on Thursday, and as I mentioned, the big third birthday treat is tomorrow.

Family visits

My brother and his girls came to visit last weekend to meet Woody. We had a lovely couple of hours in the sunshine in the garden with the children playing and us cooing over the gorgeousness of the puppy. I don’t get to see them very much, so it was really nice to snatch some time.

And then we had nanna and grandad, and my sister and niece here for cake on Lottie’s third birthday, which she loved. Forget big parties and lavish celebrations, she’s at her happiest with family, the dog and her garden. Throw in some presents and she’s a very happy little girl.

A signing breakthrough

Lottie had speech and language therapy on Tuesday and we had a little breakthrough. Previously, she would only use a Makaton sign for a drink or food or similar, if you asked her if she was hungry/thirsty. When we arrived at therapy, she was having a snack, and when we got in, she started pointing at my bag. When I asked what she wanted, she signed for a drink. I’m so chuffed, as I really worry that she may be hungry or thirsty sometimes and not be able to tell us.

She has also started to sign love this week and she keeps telling me that she loves me. Literally melts my heart.

Walks with Woody

I’ve taken the girls out for an evening walk with Woody a few times this week and they absolutely love it. Lottie squeals with delight the whole way round and Frankie loves holding his lead. It’s also a great way to break up the witching hour.

Teddy bears picnic

We went to a teddy bears picnic on Friday morning, which was organised by our local children’s centre. It was such a lovely morning. The ladies had organised a bear hunt through the woods, and we then built some dens and had our picnics in them. We had a few friends there and the girls just loved it.

First rung of the milk ladder

Frankie has successfully completed the first rung of the milk ladder without any adverse effects. I am trying not to run before I can walk, but I feel a bit giddy with excitement at the prospect of her having grown out of her CMPA. Keep your fingers crossed for the next rung for us.

Hiya puppy

Frankie’s speech is increasing daily, but one of the cutest at the moment, is her coming downstairs saying ‘hiya puppy’, and running down the garden when she wants him to play, shouting ‘puppy puppy puppy’.


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