Weekly gratitude// Nanny time and rain

So I’m not usually one to bemoan sunshine but I am really quite glad to have got some rain this week. The heat was affecting everyone’s sleep and was starting to make the children pretty grumpy so it’s been a relief to have a bit of a break. We’ve had such a busy week here and achieved lots. There’s been a bit of a hiatus on the blog as I’ve got used to extra hours for work but I’m getting into more of a routine now. I think that’s important when working from home around little ones.

Toddler girl sitting next to her nanny, chatting on garden furniture with sun shining

This week I’m thankful for…

Grandparents time

We spent the morning with my parents last Sunday. Lottie has really grown in confidence recently and it’s lovely to see her interacting more with others. She loves my mum and dad and gets so excited when we get there. Both the girls love playing in the garden and have Nanny wrapped around their little fingers, just as it should be.

Nanny then spent the day at ours with her two dogs on Friday while my dad was out for the day. The girls were so excited to have her here and I loved spending some quality time with her too. Lottie kept coming and taking her by the hand to play. So cute.

Old friends

My mum’s best friend came to visit us one afternoon this week. She has been like an extra auntie as we were growing up and is part of the family. We had a good old natter and catch up while the girls napped and then she played with them when they got up. Sometimes it’s so nice to have some time out to just be isn’t it.

Puppy training

This week saw Woody start his puppy classes. Lottie and I took him together and we all loved it. I find animal behaviour fascinating, Woody adores dogs and people and Lottie loves dogs, so we were all happy. He seems to be picking it up quite quickly so far. Once we have the basics in place, I’m hoping to get some specialist training to help him to be a therapy dog for Lottie, so if anyone has any recommendations for where we can do that, I’d really appreciate it.

Play date

We went to Lottie’s bestie, Sam’s house for a play date on Thursday. She absolutely adores him and although she can’t tell me, I know she misses seeing him at Preschool. She was over the moon to see him and I had a lovely cuppa and catch up with his Mum, who fortunately happens to be a lovely friend of mine too.


I know I said it earlier but it was such a relief for the weather to cool a little. And we so needed the rain. The poor horses have no grass left whatsoever so hopefully the rain will help it to start coming through again and we’ll have happy horses soon.

Our first harvest

Lottie and started to plant some veggies in the garden in the spring and this week, we’ve had our first courgettes. She’s really enjoyed watering and planting and helping them to grow and was over the moon to see what she’d grown.


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