Weekly gratitude// Gardens and lunch club

It’s been a bit of a quiet week for blogging here. Because. Well. It’s still summer! I can’t believe how long this spell of good weather is lasting. I’m being totally British and spending my life outside in fear of it ending and that being it for the sunshine for the year. The girls are getting little tans despite my constant slathering of factor 50, and we’re all much more happy and content than usual, providing lots for the weekly gratitude list.

toddler girl in sunhat, holding lunch bag for weekly gratitude

Family time

With a busy few weekends recently, we’ve got out of the routine of heading to my parents on a Saturday, but last weekend we went over to see them. The girls adore it there. When we pull up, they start shouting nanna, and when they see the dogs, they go nuts. We had a lovely few hours playing in their gorgeous garden and catching up.

Park life

Frankie has had a bad tummy on and off this week. I think it’s an allergy flare up but I can’t for the life of me work out what she’s reacting to. So we’ve avoided groups just in case she did have a bug. But she’s happy as Larry, so we’ve been heading out for mornings at the park, pottering, playing and giggling. Good for the soul.


We’ve been desperately trying to sort out our garden this past few weeks. And it’s finally starting to look more presentable. I bought some plants for our decking boxes last weekend and they look so pretty. And Lottie has been absolutely loving helping with planting, watering, while Frankie has been loving playing with the soil and trying to pull the plants up by the roots. And when they get bored with that and the weather is still good (fingers crossed), there are some great ideas to keep them entertained in the garden on Pickle and Poppet.

New do

I took a bit of time out this week to have some grooming done. I died my hair, had a long overdue cut, and had my brows done. My hairdresser is one of my best friends and the lady who does my brows is a good friend too, who I met through our children. So it was double whammy lovely, as I got to have a good old catch up and some pampering.

Lunch club

After Lottie struggled with the change in routine last week with sports day, I was really worried about her impending first lunch club at preschool. I was meant to be at an appointment, so she was booked in to stay for lunch. I decided to cancel the appointment, so that I could be close by in case she didn’t cope with the change. As is always the way when you worry, she was fine. More than fine actually, she was over the moon with lunch club. She came out the happiest I’ve seen her in months, beaming from ear to ear. Her lovely key worker had sat with her the whole time and said she was giggling and clapping. She hadn’t eaten much, but carried her lunch bag the whole way home and kept stopping to eat things from it. So by the time we got home, she’d eaten everything.


England winning = happy husband = happy wife.

Sister sister

We’ve had a bit of an issue with one of Lottie’s referrals this week and it’s taken a lot of stress and time and energy to get it sorted. My sister helped, listened and ranted with me and was a huge support. Then Frankie and I had a lovely morning with her having a good old girly catch up when Lottie was in preschool one morning. When your parents get old and unwell, you’re so lucky if you have siblings to love and support you and be your surrogate parents and extended family and friends.


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