Weekly gratitude// Father’s Day and picnics

All I can say to start this post off, is hello sunshine. It’s been such a beautiful week here and I love it. It’s set to get even hotter next week, so I’ve prepared like a boss and am ready for the Spanish temperatures to hit Hertfordshire (if perhaps also dreading how tired/hot/grumpy the little ones are likely to be). Look at that – looking back on a week of happiness and already stacking up the next week’s weekly gratitude.

Father and two year old daughter lying on a bed laughing on father's day part of weekly gratitude

Summer shopping

Every single year, I get caught out when we get a spell of nice weather, and either don’t have a fan, or a paddling pool. And I’m always too late to find one after the whole of Britain has got to the shops without me. So yesterday Frankie and I went on a summer shopping spree and bought home a paddling pool and an extra fan, we even got some solar fairy lights in the hope that Gary and I may be able to sit in the garden of an evening too. I keep looking forward to this, but actually by the time the children are in bed, and we’ve got everything sorted, it’s just not been warm enough yet.

Mama. Katie

Not to be outdone by her big sister’s new words last week, Frankie is also adding to her vocabulary almost daily at the moment. Her favourite word is currently Katie. If she wants my attention she says ‘mama, mama’ and if I don’t respond immediately, she shouts ‘KATIE’ at the top of her voice. I probably shouldn’t encourage it, but it’s so cute.

Father’s Day

We had a really lovely day last Sunday for Father’s Day. We had a lazy morning and gave Gary a lie-in. Then we all jumped into bed with him for presents and cards, and headed out to brunch. We actually managed to finish our meal before anyone had a meltdown, which with two under three is nothing short of a miracle, to be honest. We then headed to my dad’s for afternoon tea after the girls had napped.

Feeling better

Lottie has been really poorly with a nasty chest infection recently and she seems to have been suffering for weeks. But it’s finally started clearing and she’s been so much more happy and content.

Picnics after pre-school

We walk home from preschool, with Lottie’s bestie, Sam. And the two of them never want to go home for lunch, so we decided while the weather is so nice, to bring lunch to them. We managed to get three children all sat down and eating at the same time, then they went off and played so nicely together. We’ll definitely be doing that again over the summer.

Blackout blinds and more sleep

I suddenly remembered this week that we had a travel blackout blind last year to help Frankie to sleep. So I dug it out and the first two nights with it, she has slept until 6.30am. Win!


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