Weekly gratitude// Birthday and summer holidays

It’s a special (and therefore pretty late) weekly gratitude today. Last week it was my birthday. School’s out, so I’ve got both my girls at home for six weeks. And we had a successful visit to the allergy paediatrician with Frankie.

chocolate birthday cake decorated with chocolate buttons, maltesers and chocolate fingers for weekly gratitude

School fete

We headed over to the village school’s fete on Sunday. The girls played some games and had an ice cream and we won a prize on the raffle for a family swim at Oasis beach pool. I love our little community in this village and events like that are lovely to pop along to and feel like part of it all.

Growing confidence

Lottie has really started to grow in confidence recently. This week she held our lovely Zumbini instructor, Ana’s, hand. She is trying out new sounds and new Makaton signs. She is playing more and more with the others at Preschool. It’s so lovely to see her believing in herself a bit more. Little steps lead to big changes.

Positive meeting

We had a meeting with Lottie’s Senco and the Preschool manager this week and it was really positive. There are lots of plans being out in place to better support her and us for her additional needs over the next year, which should really help her to progress.

New shoes

We found a fab new shoe shop for the girls which properly fits and measures their feet and they both needed bigger shoes, which are too cute.

Turning 36

It was my birthday this week. I’m still classing that as mid-30’s, right? I had the most lovely day, with thoughtful cards and gifts from all directions, a gorgeous homemade cake from my sister and niece, visits from friends and family, the most gorgeous card from Preschool. How spoilt? Gary and I actually went out for dinner, ON OUR OWN. And I felt thoroughly loved and looked after all day long.

A dog!

The most exciting news from my birthday is that my mum and dad are buying u a puppy! I cannot explain how excited I am. The search has begun, so watch this space.

Milk ladder

Frankie had an appointment with her allergy specialist and had a skin prick test for dairy and egg and she is not showing any immediate allergies. So we are able to start the milk ladder and see if she has grown out of her CMPA.

School’s out

I can’t believe Lottie has been at Preschool for a full year already. It seems to have gone so fast, yet she has come so far in that year, she’s barely recognisable. I cannot thank her gorgeous key worker and the manager and all the staff enough for how they have helped her. But now I get my baby back for six whole weeks. I cannot wait.



  1. So many positives! Brilliant! And lovely to hear that you have longed for time with Lottie over the holidays, I see too many patents moaning about how they dread spending six weeks with their kids, and I find that quite sad (although I can understand some have specific reasons for their worries). Have a lovely summer! X

    • heelsandhooves
      July 31, 2018 / 10:55 pm

      Aaw thank you. I really miss Lottie when she’s at preschool, it’s lovely to have some more time with her! Have a lovely summer too xx

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