Weekly gratitude// Aldi Peonies and swimming pools

I’m starting to wonder if we have a bit of a boring life. Every time I sit down to write a weekly gratitude post, I think ‘it’s been a quiet week.’ Am I the only one who quite likes it like that in the summer though? Lazy days playing outside and pottering about are so nice after a winter of being cooped up inside. I wrote a summer bucket list this week as I think I’m in danger of spending the entire summer holiday pottering otherwise.

Anyway, despite it being a quiet week, it’s been a lovely one. Albeit one with very little sleep, so lets hope that improves before next week’s post.

Pink Aldi peonies being held over a distressed grey decked floor

All gone

Anyone with a non-verbal or delayed speech child will understand the excitement when a new word emerges. Lottie has very few words. She says mama, dada, nana, more, bu-bu for bye-bye, Bob (her bear) and Mo-mo (her monkey). So when she finished her lunch the other day, handed me her plate and quite clearly said ‘all gone’, I could have cried. She was so proud of herself and I was even more proud of her. She now says it at the end of every meal. So cute.

Confidence in the pool

Sticking with Lottie’s achievements, we recently signed her up for swimming lessons as her physio had recommended it. She goes with her daddy on a Sunday and although we’ve taken her swimming before, she was really nervous for her first few lessons. She was terrified of the floats and pool noodles and clung to Gary for the full 30 minutes. This Sunday was her third lesson and she was jumping in off the side, standing up on the big float with the other children, and pulling herself along on the bar. She cried when the lesson finished because she didn’t want to get out. What a difference in such a short space of time.

Stay and play

This week, Lottie’s preschool invited parents to join the children for the last 20 minutes of the session. I went along on Tuesday without Frankie, and Lottie was so pleased to see me. We sat with them for singing, stories and rainbow breathing and Lottie was so well behaved. I’ve always wanted to see her in preschool to see how she interacts, and she was dancing away, doing all the actions for the songs and the breathing. I’m so proud of how well she copes at preschool despite her lack of speech and delays. She loves preschool and has really blossomed since she started there.

Beautiful blooms

We started doing our weekly shop in Aldi recently and this week I picked up some of the insta-famous Aldi peonies. They are so beautiful and are really brightening up our house.

Retail therapy

I treated myself to a new dress from H&M this week while Frankie and I were out shopping for my dad and Gary’s Father’s Day pressies. It was £8.99 and is so pretty. I haven’t bought anything for myself for so long. I haven’t worn it yet, but I’ll share it on my Instagram next week.


The girls devised a plan this week, that between them, they wouldn’t let me sleep. One or both of them have been up every night and I’m shattered, so I’m surviving on diet coke and tea.


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