Weekly gratitude// A wonder dog and a hero horse

It’s been a while since I wrote a weekly gratitude post. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been lots to be grateful for, I just haven’t had the time to write them down. Returning to preschool bought about the usual chaotic mornings, tired Lottie and poorly children. Lottie has also started to drop her afternoon nap every other day or so, so finding time to work has been a challenge.

But while the Ryder Cup dominates our TV, I’ve been ousted to the laptop and YouTube/ on-demand, so I thought I’d do a quick update.

horse standing in field in early morning sunshine

Back to preschool

I know back to school was a few weeks ago now, but I’ve realised this week how glad I am that we decided to defer Lottie’s school year. She’s gone back to preschool with so much more confidence. She’s vocalising much more, she’s comfortable, happy, content and it’s a joy to see her skip off to see her friends at preschool. I’m sure that over the next year, her confidence and skills will grow even more and she’ll be ready for her next challenge when the time comes to go to nursery. I’m so proud of that little girl, it hurts my heart.

Baking bambinos

Last weekend, we went to my mum and dad’s for the girls to bake some Welsh cakes with Grandad and their cousin. If I’m honest, I thought Frankie would lose interest very quickly and head off to the garden with the dogs, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. She loved it. As did Lottie. And my dad and niece too. It was part of my dad’s 12 months of 70 birthday gift, and it was such a lovely morning. Memories were made. And the Welsh cakes were edible too.

Woody the wonder dog

Waffle’s got nothing on our Woody. This week he has completed his puppy classes and got a rosette to prove it. He’s doing so well with his training and has nailed most of the basic commands. Stopping him licking everyone’s faces when he gets excited is proving more of a challenge, but we’ll get there. His recall is phenomenal, he walks beautifully on the lead, and he is the best friend for our girls. He gets cuddled, kissed, dragged around, and never once moans or protests. He’s turning out to be such a lovely dog. I’m so chuffed.

Ben’s getting better

If you follow me on social media, you’ll have seen that Ben was really poorly a few weeks ago. He got a nasty abscess in his foot and the vet was worried that he wouldn’t be able to fight the infection as he is getting on and is rather underweight. Well fast forward a few weeks and he is infection free, putting on weight and back to his cheeky self. I swear he is more like a cat than a horse. Every time we start to get really worried, he bounces back with a vengeance. He’s on more weight gaining feed, is going out in a paddock full of grass and coming in to be warm every night, and he’s like a different horse. He’s not going anywhere yet.

Preloved goodies

We’ve been decluttering, and selling lots of our baby bits recently. And it suddenly occured to me that we wouldn’t be the only people selling quality stuff on FB Marketplace, eBay and the like. So I started having a look through, and I’m hooked. I’ve got some lovely clothes for the girls and have started to pick up some great toys for their Christmas pressies too.

Autumn sunshine

Simply gorgeous. Long may it continue.


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