Weekly gratitude// A new puppy and beginnings of speech

I didn’t write a weekly gratitude post last week as my mum had a health scare and if I’m honest, I didn’t feel particularly grateful. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the positives through the worry. But I’ve since given myself a proverbial kick up the arse and realised there’s still loads to be thankful for. So this week’s bumper post covers two weeks of gratitude and despite my miserable outlook last weekend, I’ve a long list of happy things to report.

Yellow labrador puppy we are very grateful to have as part of the family, lying in the garden looking to the right


We had a really exciting day when we bought the fifth and final member of our family home last week. You can read all about Woody the dog here.


Last week my gorgeous mum collapsed. The ambulance turned up quickly. The paramedics were amazing according to dad (I met them at the hospital). The doctors and nurses were nothing short of fabulous and they got her back on her feet and feeling much better. We are so very lucky to have this amazing service in our country and I’m incredibly grateful to them. We got to hospital about 11pm, and it was so busy. It’s amazing to see how hard people are working to keep people healthy all through the night, while we’re usually tucked up in bed. Mum’s slowly recovering now and we’re going over for short visits to try and cheer her up with the girls without exhausting her.

Family and friends

As often happens in a crisis, you end up counting your blessings as everyone steps in to help and support you. We have some beautiful friends and family around us and there are times we would be lost without them. Messages, calls and visits of love, support and concern are what helps keep you strong at difficult times.

Hubby at home

By some stroke of luck, Gary was off last week and able to provide cuddles and support. He was also able to look after the girls while I was off at a follow up appointment and visiting mum, and catching up on lost sleep. It’s been so lovely to have him home with the girls and they have been lapping up time with Daddy. I’ve been largely ignored, which I couldn’t be more pleased about as they get precious little time with him and they adore him.

Speech therapy

Lottie started a new block of speech and language therapy last week, which in itself is something to be hugely grateful for. We weren’t able to have the same therapist as before, so I was a little worried that she would be shy. But she was so brave, and made lots of sounds and signs, played beautifully and smiled the whole way through.

Sometimes my heart hurts, I’m so proud of that little girl and how she faces all her adversities with courage and a smile. The therapist was delightful with her and I’m hoping the next five weeks of sessions will bring her a long way. She said all the sounds Lottie is making, and how hard she’s trying to say words, even if she doesn’t always get them right, is really positive. Since her last sessions in February, she’s gained so much confidence and is really coming along. I cannot wait to hear her talk and I will never ever give up hope that one day she will.

Play day and a picnic

Last week was our nearest town’s Play Day and we went along and met up with my sister and niece. They explored a few of the little stands and got some balloons. Then we headed into the castle grounds for a picnic and a play at the park and the girls had an absolute blast. They just love spending time with their cousins and it’s really lovely to see that relationship blossom. My girls are the youngest from both sides of the family and love having big cousins to look up to. They had a good old run around in the sunshine and Gary and I took in turns to chase them when they went too far away. So we managed to have a bit of a catch up with my sister too.


The weekend before last saw one of my closest friends’ hen parties. We spent a fabulous day in London, ate and drank far too much, laughed lots and generally had a great send off. And I got the chance to get a bit glammed up and have a day to myself with the children happily at home with daddy.

I do

Thursday saw that gorgeous friend marry the man she’s been with for ten years. The sun shone for them. She looked drop dead gorgeous. The ceremony and reception were perfect and you could feel the love they share. I do love a good wedding and when it’s someone you love’s big day, it’s that bit more special. Unfortunately I went alone as Gary had to stay and look after the girls. I was a bit nervous beforehand, but I needn’t have worried. I met some lovely people and had such a great day and evening and felt thoroughly welcome. The next morning was a little painful though… I’m not used to drinking all day any more!

Extra hours

We’re being careful with pennies recently and I needed to get extra work in to make sure bills are paid. Sometimes it’s worth a quick ask around. I emailed my main client to see if they needed any extra work, and they did. I’ve managed to secure extra hours which will make such a difference for the next few months. It’s such a relief that we will be able to catch up a bit and catch our breath. When you work freelance it’s always a bit of a worry. So I’m really grateful for the extra work when it comes in.


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