Weekly gratitude// A new course and nanny time

This week has been back to normality for us. Lottie went back to preschool, Gary had a full week at work, and Frankie and I were back to our usual routine. In a way it’s quite nice – I do love a routine. But I’ve missed the more laid back, co-parenting Christmas days, and I’ve really missed Lottie.

Back to preschool

Lottie happily skipped off to preschool on Tuesday morning. She was a bit overwhelmed when she first got in there, as there were lots of new starters this term, and it was busy, but we had no tears, and she was so pleased to see her little friends and get back to her routine. We are having a few issues with getting ready and out of the door at the moment. She suddenly hates her coat (I’ve tried hoodies, cardigans and gilets, to no avail) and she gets really upset about leaving the house. Once she’s out she’s fine. Any tips or ideas welcome for a less stressful morning routine.

A new course

This week I started a new course for parents of children with additional needs. The first week was largely introduction and admin stuff, but it was really nice to a) get out of the house and do something different, and b) meet 18 other parents who understand our journey a little. I’m really looking forward to the coming sessions and hopefully finding some new techniques to use at home.

We left them at bedtime

The course runs at the same time as dog training, so for the first time ever, we left the girls with a babysitter at bedtime, a complete change to their normal routine. I was so nervous about it to start with, as Frankie is very clingy at the moment. But as always, the things we worry about most are the ones that go well, and the girls were so well behaved. Bodes well for future outings.

No more poorly paws

Woody sliced his pad open on NYE, and has been on house arrest ever since while it heals. It’s all better now and he is SO pleased to be back out again.

Nanny time

The girls and I spent all day with my mum yesterday while my dad was in hospital for a routine procedure. It was so lovely to have a bit of time with her, rather than the usual rushing around between mealtimes/naptimes etc. We took the dogs out for a nice walk, and played with nana all day long.

And the best part of the whole day was that my dad’s six monthly cancer check was all clear!

Twinkle twinkle confidence

Frankie and I went to playgroup on Thursday, and while she is an outgoing little thing in small groups or with people she knows, she can be really shy with strangers or big groups. So I was so proud of her at circle time when she was the only child to sing Twinkle Twinkle. Too. Cute.


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