Third birthday gift guide

Is it just me, or is there a real temptation to keep buying and buying for your children’s birthdays? I made a conscious effort this year not to go over the top. The girls have so many toys, books and lovely things, that I don’t want to spoil them. There are also many years to come when I’m sure I’ll get the birthday list, but at the moment, they are just happy with anything. I think one of Lottie’s favourite gifts this year, was a couple of strips of animal stickers that I got in the discount store as a little extra. So this is a bit of a pared back third birthday gift guide, but the recipient was over the moon with every item on it.

nine images of gifts for third birthday gift guide including scooter, helmet, books, games, giant chalk and backpack

Clockwise from top left:

The Tiger Who Came to Tea – £3.99, The Book People

Lottie was given a soft toy version of the tiger in this book, who is one of her three favourites, so I thought she would enjoy reading his story.

Gazillion Bubbles Streamin Bubble Gun Set – £7, Debenhams

Because what three year old doesn’t love bubbles?

Third Birthday T-Shirt – £14, Cotton and Bloom

I love the ‘Young, wild and three’ slogan on this T-shirt. It’s the third one we’ve bought from Cotton and Bloom and the quality is really good. We got a white T-shirt with purple writing, but you can customise the colours.

Scooter helmet – £9.97, eBay

For obvious reasons!

Picture books – Currently 10 for £10, The Works

The girls needed some new bedtime books, so I got a selection of five which were in a promotion from The Works. But they currently have an online offer for 10 for £10.

Giant Chalks – £1.99, Aldi

I’m not linking to this one, as they’ll be in for a limited time, but the girls have been loving being allowed to draw all over the garden with these and not get in trouble. And there is no cleaning up afterwards – everyone’s a winner.

Orchard Toys Games – From £5, Various

We love Orchard Toys games in this house. We picked up a couple of new ones for Lottie and she’s been loving playing with them. They’re one of the first things she goes for when she opens the toy box. I just wish they could create a self-tidying one!

Monkey backpack – £6.59, eBay

Lottie LOVES monkeys, so when I saw this, I couldn’t resist getting it for preschool. It’s furry and so cuddly and cute.

Scooter – £39.99, Amazon

Lottie always goes straight for the scooters at playgroups etc. And her physio said that wheeled toys that she has to push herself on with her feet, would help with her core stability. So it seemed like a sensible choice to get her a scooter as the main part of the third birthday gift guide. This one is height adjustable and has really cool light up wheels. She is in love with it.

three year old girl holding birthday gift, looking excited


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