Ten things I will miss about pregnancy

Today I am two days overdue with my first baby.

Yesterday I did too much and felt pretty poorly last night, so Mr M has consigned me to the sofa today and I’m not allowed to do any cleaning, packing or anything except relaxing.

The impending birth of our baby is never far from my mind at the moment, but today I’ve also been thinking about things I will miss about pregnancy when Little R-M arrives…


1) Never being hungover

I have not drunk at all during my pregnancy bar one glass of bubbles when we announced our news to my mum and dad on Christmas day. I just haven’t felt like it at all – don’t get me wrong I’m very much looking forward to a cool glass of Prosecco after birth – but while pregnant, it’s made me feel a bit queasy.

The benefit? No hangovers! I’ve woken up without a headache or feeling exhausted every Saturday and Sunday morning and felt rather smug to watch others struggling through their self-inflicted haze.

2) Body confidence

Yep my stomach is huge, but no, I’m not going to hide it, because I’m proud of what my body is doing right now.

3) Great hair

Usually I have to wash my hair every day to make it look halfway decent, but it seems to have had some miracle transformation while pregnant and I can go three days without a wash and it still looks good. It’s thicker, shinier…. Lets just hope it doesn’t start to fall out post-partum.

4) Strangers talking to you

I wrote about the ‘when are you due club’ before. Basically, while I’ve been pregnant, I’ve had so many lovely chats with total strangers. I think it’s a huge shame that this doesn’t happen in everyday, non-pregnant life. Although I’m sure a newborn baby will be a big talking point for a while too.

5) Being treated like a princess

Strangers hold doors open for you. Mr M cooks most nights, runs baths for me. He’s even poo-picked my horse’s field!

6) Afternoon naps

I love a nap and pregnancy is the perfect excuse. Nobody thinks you are lazy!

7) Maternity clothes

Seriously so comfortable. We need to bring elasticated waistbands into vogue for non-pregnant ladies ASAP.

8) Wriggles and kicks

I will never fail to be amazed by the movements in my bump. It’s a constant source of entertainment for me.

9) The Glow

Even when I am feeling pretty washed out and dreadful, people tell me how well I am looking. I wish I could keep this healthy, dewy complexion forever.

10) The excitement

I asked Mr M what he would miss and he said the general ‘condition of specialness’, which I thought was a lovely term. I guess subsequent pregnancies have different excitement, but the newness of my first pregnancy has been so exciting. The first scan, the first time I heard the heartbeat, the first movement, just all so exciting.

What did you, or will you miss about being pregnant?



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