Word of the week 30/01/15

This week, I’ve decided to join in with a link that I love to read each week, which is hosted by lovely Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence – word of the week. It’s a lovely linky as it makes you think about your week a bit more carefully and reflect on how the days have been.

So, without further ado, my inaugural word of the week is…



I’ve spent the week largely alone (I haven’t been housebound or anything, but Mr M has been on holiday with the boys), so I’ve been home alone and a bit of me time has given me time to reflect and realise just how lucky I am with the family and friends I have.

– I’m so very lucky to have found Mr M. He is (slush alert) my best friend, my soulmate and my lover. What more could I ask for. Don’t get me wrong, he winds me up something chroic at times, and we can argue like cat and dog, but in general, we just fit together. Before I met him, I lived on my own, and longed for someone to share my life with. Then my wish came true in a country pub one night. I have so missed this week our giggles, his support, his cuddles, his soothing while I worry and generally having someone to share the normal day to day life with. I can’t wait to see him tomorrow.

– When I mentioned Mr M was going on holiday, one of my best friends arranged to come over on Tuesday night to keep me company. it was so lovely to see her and having a proper girlie catch-up without the boys involved. She is one of those rare and amazing friends, who despite having three children, working shifts and having all sorts of health issues, will always find time for you. We’ve been through so much together since we were 15 and I love her like a sister.

– Today I had a hospital appointment that I didn’t really want to go to alone. Usually Mr M would have come with me, but when I got the appointment through, I straight away called my lovely mum and without missing a beat, she¬†agreed to accompany me. I know she would move heaven and earth to be there if I need her, as would I for her. She is, quite simply, the most lovely human being you would ever have the pleasure to meet. growing up, I thought all mums were like that, but the more I¬†realise they aren’t all so selfless, calm, loving, funny and warm, the more I appreciate her and love her even more.

So what one word sums up your week? I’d love to hear from you.

The Reading Residence