Word of the week – 28/02/15

I struggled to decide on a word of the week this week as it’s been quite a quiet week, which has been lovely, but probably a little boring for you to read about. Then I asked Mr M what he thought it should be and he immediately said:

wotw bump

Yesterday I turned 17 weeks pregnant and despite so far having just looked as though I had too much for dinner, this week the bump has finally popped and I suddenly look and feel pregnant, if that makes sense.

Before I started to show, it almost didn’t really feel real, although we obviously knew it was, but now it feels like this is actually happening.

It’s lovely to finally feel and see the growth as hopefully that means that Little R-M is developing nicely and getting big and strong. And it makes the whole situation feel a little more real. We’re house hunting now as our other flat has almost sold, so things are starting to ramp up to welcoming the little one into the world.

I can’t wait to meet our baby, but I also don’t want to wish this pregnancy away as I am really enjoying it so far (check back to see if that’s still the case at 37 weeks though).

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