Word of the week – 08/05/15

After a week of being stupidly tired and not even blogging last week, I took advantage of the Bank Holiday on Monday and took a week of holiday this week. So my word of the week this week is…

Wotw rest


Last week, I felt as though I was wading through treacle. I cried on Monday morning because I felt too tired to even drive to work, and despite a brief respite on Tuesday, the rest of the week followed in much the same vein. Ending up with a hospital visit on Friday evening, which we didn’t get home from until 1am.

So this week, I purposefully planned very little. I have got up to date with my to do list, which will make life easier when I go back to work next week, so I’ve done all the mundane things like having the car brakes fixed, cleaning, dentist, making all the appointments I needed to make.

My mum and dad went away on Wednesday, so we are staying over at theirs for ten days to house-sit and dog-sit. I was born when they lived at this house, so there is a real feeling of home about it. Added to that, it’s situated in a really quiet little village, with beautiful countryside surrounding it, so there is a real feeling of peace here.

I’ve been wandering around the woods behind the house with the dogs, watching TV, having baths, painting my nails and generally spoiling myself. And I feel so much better for it.

Luckily, my boss realised how much I was struggling last week and work have said I can start to work from home now, as long as I am in the office once or twice a week. This takes out 50 miles of driving a day, which is going to make a huge difference to me for my third trimester of pregnancy. So the rest should now continue.


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