Weekly gratitude: Holidays and dancing

It’s been an age since I wrote a weekly gratitude post. But now that I’ve got a little less work on, it’s really nice to get back to blogging a bit more, and recording all of those memories that I’m sure will fade so quickly.

We’ve had a really lovely chilled week here. I think that’s what Christmas holidays are for. I always plan some activities for the other holidays and keep the girls busy and entertained, but after the madness of the build-up to Christmas, I really enjoy being at home a bit more. The girls have also been so poorly recently with endless bugs, that I thought a rest may do them good and give them a chance to build themselves up again.

Is it just me, or does Christmas and the New Year leave you feeling full of gratitude? Spending time with family and watching the girls’ wonder at Christmas makes me feel so lucky to have what I have.

This week I’m grateful for:

Trusting my instinct

Lottie woke up poorly on New Year’s Eve. She was pointing to her ear when we asked if anything hurt, and she has a tendency to get ear infections. Usually I worry that I’m being overly fussy and I leave it for a bit to see if it gets better, but I’m getting to know her better as time goes on. She has a really high pain threshold, so I know if she’s complaining, there’s something really wrong. I took her straight to the doctors and she did have an infection. I think as a mum you need to trust your gut and not worry about what other people think of you.

An unexpected day with Mr M

I think January 2nd is my least favourite day of the year. After all that family time, I get really sad when Gary has to go back to work. He doesn’t usually work Wednesdays, but as he’d been off for a large part of Christmas, he thought he had to go in. So it was such a lovely surprise to have him back home just a few hours later as he’d got it wrong and didn’t have to work.


Frankie has hit the terrible twos with a vengeance this last few weeks. We are getting multiple screaming tantrums and she is fierce with it. But on the flip side, when she calms down and decides she wants a ‘tuggle pease mummy’, I get the loveliest, longest cuddles. There’s a flipside to everything, I guess.

A near perfect morning out

The girls and I went to the local garden centre this week to have a wander and see the animals in the mini farm. I was brave and went without a buggy as Frankie just wants to walk everywhere now. They were so good and we had a lovely few hours, with them giggling and smiling. I was all proud of myself until the almighty car park tantrum, but who said life has to be perfect?


This is my absolute favourite winter weather, cold but sunny. It makes me want to wrap up and get outside. Long may it continue.

Ben is better

Poor Ben has had a bad tummy for the past few weeks. I think with a veteran horse, you always tend to fear the worst, and just as I was about to call the vet, he got better. I swear he has 90 lives, that one.

Lottie’s new performing arts class

Lottie LOVES to dance. So I decided to try out a new performing arts class this weekend. I was a bit nervous as it’s for 3-5 year olds, so she would be the youngest, and with no speech, I wasn’t sure how she’d managed. Well she absolutely bossed it. Went in without a backward glance, danced with all the other children for half an hour, and then went through to singing and stories, and was trying to do the vocal exercises. Proud doesn’t even cover it.