Dear Lottie Bella: Two and a half years old

Dear Lottie Bella, I said when you turned two that I’d start to write to you every six months. And here we are already at two and a half years old. When the baby days have passed (although you’ll always be my baby, don’t forget!), the development and changes slow down. So a monthly letter wouldn’t see huge changes each time.

Last night I started to pull together some photos of the last six months, though, and I was staggered at how much you’ve grown and changed . It bought a bit of a lump to my throat as I hadn’t really realised that your puppy fat is starting to disappear, your limbs stretching longer and slimmer, your eyes showing a depth of knowledge and understanding of your world, you hair longer. You’re turning into a little girl, rather than a  toddler and it all seems to be passing so fast.

I know I finished your last update harping on about how proud I am of you, but that pride remains. And it grows as I watch you tackle new situations, face fresh challenges and generally continue to be the most gorgeous, sunny little girl.

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