The SEN diagnosis I pushed for, then didn’t want

When you know, you know.

You hear that so often, don’t you? When will I know I love him/her? When will I know if I’m ready for kids? How will I know if I’m in labour for the first time? Even, when will I know it’s over?

That annoying answer, which often doesn’t really help, applies so often when you become a mum (quite possibly when you become a parent, but I can’t comment first hand on fatherly gut instinct).

So much of parenting comes from within and even when you’re treading the path for the first time, and you so often feel totally out of your depth, there are certain things you just know.

So when your child isn’t developing as they should, you know whether they’ll catch up, whether they’re just taking their time, or whether there’s a more serious problem.

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