39 weeks pregnant: Bumpdate

39 weeks

Feeling: Fairly well considering I am now in the final week. I thought I would be feeling awful by now, but I’m still managing OK. I’m getting a little more tired more quickly the last few days and just little things are making me out of breath. Having said that, I managed to do some poo picking at the stables yesterday with Mr M, which I was quite proud of.

The last few nights, I’ve had some quite intense cramping and lightning pains for a few hours before bed, but they have passed again, so I guess that’s what Braxton Hicks feel like. I guess baby is getting ready for its arrival.

Emotionally, I’ve been a bit up and down. I’m generally happy and excited, but then every now and then, I have a huge wave of panic and feel really scared about what’s about to happen in our lives at the same time. Rationally, I’m sure we’ll be fine, but it is a little scary.

Appointments: None this week.

Looking: Bump has definitely dropped again and from my perspective I look enormous now! It will be interesting to see if Little R-M is fully engaged when I see the midwife.

Craving: Red meat, burgers, steak, bolognaise, anything with beef!

Sleeping: On and off is probably the best way to describe it. Apparently I have started to snore like a freight train too. Poor Mr M!

Baby is the size of: A small watermelon