30 weeks: Bumpdate

30 weeks

Feeling: The first half of the week was great – the energy surge continued, but the weekend has not been quite so good. The tiredness has returned and I’m just generally feeling a bit under the weather, but I haven’t been sleeping too well, which probably explains it and I’m sure it will pass again.

My back is starting to get a bit achy now and I definitely cannot stand for very long at a time any more without feeling like I’m going to pass out.

The baby is super active now and Mr M and my mum have managed to feel Little R-M having a kick, which is lovely as it lets them start to feel involved as well. I was in the bath last night and could see it wriggling around too, which is a very odd experience, but also lovely and reassuring.

As an aside, I cannot believe we are in the 30s already!

Appointments: None this week.

Looking: Bump looks like it has changed shape a bit over the past few days, which is probably because Little R-M is such a wriggler! It looks flatter at the front to me, whereas before it was much rounder. I’m feeling huge now and it’s taking a while to get used to looking so much bigger. My tummy button is looking nearly ready to pop out.

Craving: Still orange juice and everything orange related – squash, satsumas, anything.

Sleeping: Sleeping has hit a brick wall. I am waking up all the time, uncomfortable and having bad dreams. I get back to sleep quite easily, but I don’t sleep for long at any given stretch.

Baby is the size of: A large cabbage