We were recently lucky enough to have some good friends of ours move in just a few doors down from us. Even better was the fact that they were expecting their first baby a month later. And a day before her due date, they had the most beautiful baby girl.

Of course, this was a perfect opportunity for me to go shopping for cute baby clothes and toys. Having bought the cutest little dress and a Lamaze Freddie Firefly (every baby has to have a Freddie, right?), I started to think back a year to those amazing, terrifying, exhausting, overwhelming, fabulous first few weeks with Lottie. And decided I wanted to get something for my friend too. She had just been made a mum for the first time and had gone through every emotion under the sun, as well as a fair old physical endurance test.

And I wanted to share my gift ideas with you in case there are any new mamas in your life who need to be shown a bit of love.

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