Love and hate

Recently, lovely Lauren at Belle du Brighton tagged me in the love/hate challenge. She has picked some great points, so do pop over and read her post here.

I’ve struggled to refine my ideas to just ten loves and ten hates, but I think these are my top ones:

Ten things I love

1. Snuggling in a warm bed when you can hear the rain and wind hitting the window outside.

2. Riding out on my own on a crisp, cold, sunny winter morning.


3. Seeing my daughter smile.

4. Feeling the heat hit me when I get off an aeroplane in a foreign country.

5. Going on holiday to somewhere I’ve never been before and exploring and finding favourite little restaurants, beaches, buildings and places to make memories.

6. A good old cup of tea and a catch up with my lovely mum – something I am enjoying more of while on maternity leave.

7. Chocolate cake.

8. Crappy docusoaps like TOWIE, Real Housewives, Life on Marbs… In fact I think ITVBe was created just for me.

9. A clean, tidy house. I’m not a big housework fan, but I will tolerate it for the end result.

10. Prosecco.


Ten things I hate

1. Bad manners – good ones really don’t cost anything and make everyone’s day so much nicer.

2. Being stuck in traffic. I know there is no point getting annoyed, but it really winds me up to waste time.

3. Bitching behind people’s backs. I’m often told I’m a little ‘direct’ but I would far rather tell someone calmly if they’ve upset me, than tell someone else about it.

4. Parkinson’s Disease. It’s vile, it attacks my mum and I hate it.

5. People who drive right up close behind you when you are adhering to the speed limit. So dangerous.

6. Anyone being lonely.

7. Mushrooms.

8. Slugs. I know they are a creature like any other, but they just seriously gross me out.

9. When people park in Parent and Child spaces when they don’t have a child. We need the wider space to get the child out of the car!

parent and child

10. Hangovers.


I tag Farmers Wife and Mummy, Fife Mummy and Red Rose Mummy if they would like to share.