Happy days: Mother’s Day and a holiday

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared my happy days, as life has been a tad hectic recently, but I’ve missed looking back on the positive in our week.

This week started off with my first Mother’s Day and has ended with homemade chicken pie and a night in with Mr M – perfect:

  • Sunday was my very fist Mothers Day and it was amazing. I headed out early and had a plod around the fields on Ben. Then I came home to my gorgeous family and some lovely gifts – a spa day and Hotel Chocolat chocolates. Then we all got ready and went out for a lovely lunch together. I was thoroughly spoilt and had a lovely day.

Horse riding

Mothers Day



  • When we got hone on Sunday evening, we realised that Lottie’s first tooth had cut through. This week has been tough for her with teething, but one down, 19 to go…
  • We have booked our first family holiday to Norfolk. We have hired a gorgeous little cottage in Burnham Market in a few months time and I can’t wait to spend a whole week as a family and have a break.
  • Last week we bought a new bed. Our previous one was very old and didn’t survive the move too well. We had patched it up while we saved for a new one and I can’t tell you how uncomfortable it was. But that has made us even more appreciative of our new, memory foam topped super king size bed. It is pure bliss.
  • Lottie and I spent the afternoon with my sister and (unexpectedly) my niece yesterday.My poor niece had fallen over at school and had to come home and Lottie was in the midst of her worst day of teething yet, but despite all that, we still had a really nice afternoon with them both.
  • My parents got back from holiday yesterday and Lottie and I have really missed them. They both look very well rested and brown and we had a lovely afternoon with them this afternoon.
  • I lost a pound in weight this week and am nearly seeing a new stone on the scales. It’s a slow and steady progress but it’s progress nonetheless.
  • We have had some gorgeous sunshine today and it was actually quite warm, so nice not to have to bundle poor Lottie up before heading out of the door.

How was your week?

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