Happy days: First shoes and winter blooms

I missed happy days last week. Not because there was no happy, just because there was no energy from this pregnant mama to blog. I gave in on Saturday and lay on the sofa watching X Factor on my iPad, while Mr M watched the Masters on the TV, which in itself was a bit of happy last week.

Brunch with a bestie: Mr M was off last weekend, so I popped out for a few hours for a long overdue catch up with one of my besties over brunch. So lovely to see her.

Lunch with family: We then took my parents out for lunch at a little local village pub on Sunday. It was really nice to see them – albeit briefly as I was being dragged around the restaurant by a certain little girl who has a desperate need to cruise at the moment. Lovely roast dinner too.

First shoes: As such, Lottie had her first ever pair of shoes fitted. It’s quite a milestone really and I guess once she’s walking without aid, she will be well and truly a toddler. There’s no stopping her now.


Maternity clothes: Well my middle is expanding and last time I was pregnant in the summer, so that’s a perfect excuse for a bit of shopping, right? I’m off to try and find a dress tomorrow for my mum’s birthday party next weekend, and then I’ll update you on the bits I’ve bought.

Autumn days: I’m loving this autumn. So far we’ve been really lucky with crisp sunny days, which makes the darker evenings and colder air a bit more bearable. And we’ve been getting out for some lovely walks with the buggy.


Heart beat: I heard baby number two’s heart beating for the first time this week at my midwife appointment. Best sound ever.

Winter blooms: We have some really lovely splashes of colour coming out in the garden to cheer things up a little bit.There are pansies and a few others and I’m loving catching sight of them while I’m washing up.

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