A healthier me: June 2017

Unless you’re A list, with a personal trainer, nutritionist and stylist to boot, I don’t think your own weight, image or fitness tend to be  a priority in the first weeks after giving birth. For me, it wasn’t until the initial exhaustion from Lottie’s labour and the sleep deprivation had passed a bit, that I started to really look at how my body had changed after having a baby.

I remember being a tad horrified by the number on the scales about two weeks postpartum, but then not really doing much about it for another month or so. I expressed milk for about six weeks with Lottie, but I also ate my body weight in snacks, chocolate and treats. I think you are so exhausted in those early days that your body craves sugar for energy (well mine definitely did anyway and I’m sticking to that excuse!)

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