Me and mine: June 2016

Me and Mine 0616

This month has seen lots of big changes for us. My maternity leave has ended, during which I was made redundant. So I have set myself up as self employed, got my first and main client, and am a ‘work-from-home-mum’. I’m juggling OK so far and I’m blessed that Lottie is such a good sleeper, so I can fit lots in while she naps and when she has gone to bed. It’s a total shift for us as a family, but it means I can be at home and look after Lottie, which is what we both wanted for the time being. And I think she’s quite please about it too.

You may have read last week that my poor dad was taken very ill a few weeks ago, so the last ten days or so have gone by in a blur of hospital visits and worry, and as such, I had totally forgotten about this month’s me and mine photos. I panicked this morning when I realised that it was the last day of the month and Mr M would be at work, but then I remembered some silly selfies we had taken earlier in the month, while trying out a selfie stick I had purchased (yes, we seem to have become THAT family!)

I love these snaps as they show us at home, relaxed and happy. Next month, I’ll find somewhere lovely to take some photos, but for now, I’ll leave you with these. Please excuse our slightly stupid faces. Mock surprise seems to really amuse my daughter and she has just realised she can see herself in the camera of an iPhone, so she tends to stare intently at herself otherwise!


Me and mine June 16

Me and mine June 2016