Me and mine: May 2016

So here we are at the end of May already! This month has gone so fast for us, yet I don’t have anything particularly exciting to report.

May’s photos were taken just yesterday at our Bank Holiday village fete. Yay for Bank Holidays! I had a vision of these images being bathed in sunshine, but sadly it was rather a grey day, but we had a lovely time together as a family and Lottie was in her element watching all the people and dogs.

We moved to this village the same week Lottie was born and I absolutely love it. It’s a bit like stepping back in time – everyone is so friendly and there is a real sense of community here – totally different to the town we lived in before where everyone very much kept themselves to themselves. I’m so pleased to be bringing Lottie up in such a nice environment. She already has more friends in the village than I do!

Family Photo May 16 a

Family photo May 16 b

Family photo May 16

We bought Lottie a second hand book for 50 pence and she didn’t let go of it the whole time we were at the fete. So easily pleased.

Lottie with her book