Word of the week 22/5/15

Without a doubt, my word of the week today is:



To be fair, we are having rather an exciting year all told, with a new baby on the way, a new house and lots of other lovely things, but this week has seen lots of bits come together, which have made me really excited about the future.

On Sunday evening, I went out for a hen do for my lovely friend Claire. She is getting married at the end of June and I just can’t wait to see her walking down the aisle and to celebrate her future with her.

I just love the lead-up to a wedding, almost as much as the wedding itself. There is such a joyous feeling of bubbling excitement, where all your friends are around you, supporting you and helping you to make everything perfect. Claire’s mum looked so proud of her, which was just lovely to see.

After a fair bit of toing and froing, and a few hiccups, it looks as though the chain for our house purchase has just got a bit shorter and we could have the keys in as little as three weeks. I’m so excited that we could be in before Little R-M arrives. I cannot wait to make our first proper home together exactly how we want it and start our family there.

Today I turned 29 weeks pregnant. Each week that passes makes me more excited. We are a step closer to bringing our first baby into the world and I just cannot wait to meet it.

And finally, I’ve just started planning a non-baby shower and have had lots of lovely ladies say they are coming already. It’s a girlie get-together rather than a shower, as I don’t want gifts, I just want to have all my favourite ladies around me to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of Little R-M. Who, if the guest list is anything to go by, is going to be very much loved when it arrives. I’m so excited about the party – I do love planning a good old knees up.

And finally, it’s Friday evening and there is a three-day weekend in front of me, for which Mr M is not working at all and I am super excited to be celebrating our second wedding anniversary together with him on Monday. Yay for long weekends!


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