Dairy and soya free Easter biscuits

Lottie loves to bake. Well, correction, she loves to decorate baked goods and eat them. But we really enjoy getting our aprons on and getting our bake on, so on Good Friday, I found some really cute chick cookie cutters in Sainsbury’s and thought we’d try to create some treats that Frankie could enjoy too (egg, dairy and soya free).

With a two year-old in charge of styling, these aren’t the most insta-worthy biscuits, but they’re super cute, make a great gift for the grandparents and are so tasty (as if you needed any more sugar in your life at Easter).

I find that lots of generic recipes can be made dairy and soya free with a few tweaks, and it doesn’t seem to make too much difference to the final taste. The whole family is enjoying these biscuits.

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