Dear Lottie Bella: Seven months old

Dear Lottie Bella

Seven months old gorgeous girl! And already I can’t imagine life without you in it. This month has seen you really start to show how your little personality might be in years to come. You can be quite serious when you enter a new situation, while you take everything in and check everyone out, but once you are comfortable, you really warm up.

At home in your comfort zone, you have a great sense of humour and if something tickles you, your giggling is so infectious. Things that really make you laugh at the moment are peekaboo, being lifted up high and splashing in the bath. Daddy and I will do just about anything to hear your giggle.


7 months old

7 months old c

7 months old b

7 months olda

This month you have moved into your own bedroom. Daddy and I were sad to move you out, but we are all sleeping better without disturbing one another and you have even slept right through the night a few times this month! Hallelujah! Mummy has missed her sleep recently.

And true to form, every single time you wake from a nap or in the morning, we are met with a huge smile when we come in to get you. When I hear you wake up, I’m so excited to come and get you from your cot as you are always such a happy little thing.

The other big milestone this month is that you have cut your first tooth. It caused you rather a lot of pain and upset your naps, your eating and your little life in general for a while, but thankfully, it seems to have settled down a bit now. It’s not fully through up, and there are another 19 to go, which I am really not looking forward to at all. I hate seeing you in pain and not being able to soothe it for you.

You are now a month into eating solids and you are doing brilliantly. The only thing you turn your nose up at is carrot, but other than that you will try anything. This week, you have dropped a bottle, so you are obviously starting to really eat properly now.



This month you are loving:

  • Peekaboo – if you’re in the right mood, this really makes you laugh
  • Rolling over and tummy time – you are able to roll from front to back now and are so very close to getting from your back to front. If we help you to get over, I’m pretty sure you think you’ve done it yourself and you are so proud of yourself
  • You are suddenly¬†fascinated in watching your hands again and love to reach out and grab things too
  • Splashing in the bath
  • Nanny and auntie’s dogs – you can really see the dogs now and watch them wherever they go. If you can get near them, you love feeling their fur
  • You’ve suddenly noticed the washing machine and when it’s on, you are mesmerised by it going round
  • Cuddling – you’ll really cuddle in now and love to snuggle when you are tired

You’re just turning into the most gorgeous little girl and I love seeing you develop and grow as a little person each month. I adore spending the days with you and can’t wait to see what will have changed by your next update.

All my love

Mama xxx