Happy days: Daffodils and naps

A whole week of February has passed and it’s as if someone got the memo that spring should start to get itself ready – the weather has been so much better here in Hertfordshire which makes for a better week before you’ve even started in my book. We’ve had some lovely moments and a few milestones for Lottie this week:

  • The daffodils and crocuses are coming up in our village and making things so pretty while we are out on our daily constitutional.

2016-02-07 12.24.44

  • I have not had a migraine this week! The last few weeks I’ve been having them every other day, so I cannot begin to tell you what a relief this is.
  • Mr M had a day off on Tuesday as he worked all last weekend and we had a really lovely day together. Doing nothing much of anything, but sometimes, they are the best, aren’t they?
  • Lottie has gone down for her morning nap without a fuss nearly every day this week – win.
  • Mr M came home with a beautiful bunch of flowers for me. There’s nothing like surprise flowers.

2016-02-05 10.07.05

  • We went to our local garden centre with a friend and her little boy on Friday and went to look at their little ‘zoo’. I’ve never seen anyone as excited about a goat as Lottie was.
  • Lottie had her first taste of solid food – banana and baby rice were both hits this morning.

2016-02-06 16.15.16

  • And she has moved to her big girls pram as she had grown out of the carrycot attachment. She is a little confused at sitting up and seeing the world, but I think she’s going to love it.

Have you had happy days this week?


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