Sisters {September 2018}

Stop the press… I’ve actually taken some photos of the girls with the big camera for this month’s sisters post. And I’m so pleased with them. We took them while out for a walk with Woody recently in one of my favourite spots in our village.

Lottie is now back at preschool and Frankie is definitely missing her partner in crime on the mornings she is away. She bowls into preschool, skips the queue of parents and goes straight to find Lottie on the carpet. So cute.

You’ve got a friend in me

The empathy from Lottie that I mentioned in last month’s post has rubbed off on Frankie now too. The two sisters are really looking out for one another. If one gets upset, the other turns up straight away with a cuddle or a pat. Frankie quite often shoves things in Lottie’s face, which isn’t always what you want when you’re upset, but the thought is there.

Good morning

If Lottie wakes up first in the morning, she has her milk and then immediately wants to go in and wake up Frankie. It’s so sweet that she always wants to be together as sisters. The novelty may wear thin when they get older though.

Car pool

I admit to quite often plying the girls with snacks if they’re a bit grumpy in the car on the way home from somewhere. And I’ve suddenly noticed that the two of them pass food between each other in the back. If one runs out, the other will pass them something, and I think there is a fair bit of stealing at times. But there is lots of giggling as they swap and squirrel snacks away.


Lottie is vocalising so much more now, and I quite often hear the two of them babbling away together while they play now. I just love hearing them chatting to one another and I’m pretty sure they understand what’s meant by each other. It’s like a snapshot of what to expect in the future.

Chase me Charlie

The two girls and Woody have the most adorable game of chasing each other around our decking. While I’m clearing up after a meal and washing up, I’ll hear ripples of laughter and see Frankie, then Lottie, the Woody, running past the window. Nobody catches anyone, there’s a fair amount of domino style falling over, and even more giggling.



  1. September 18, 2018 / 5:58 am

    Aww lovely photos Katie. I love watching their bond grow. How lucky they are to have each other

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