Sisters {May 2019}

We’ve had a lovely, busy month and my two sisters have been just lovely together. I’m sure they get closer every month, which brings more sweet moments, but also more spats.

two sisters sitting in a washing basket, laughing
two sisters sitting in a washing basket, cuddling

It seems like forever ago, but we had a lovely Easter together in our little village. There was an egg hunt at the local school and another in the garden and our two little sisters were so excited to find chocolate everywhere they went. They shared surprisingly well and even helped each other find the eggs.

two lsisters 2 and 3, in a field on an easter egg hunt
two little sisters 2 and 3, in a field on an easter egg hunt
two sisters standing in a field, smiling
two young sisters holding baskets doing an easter egg hunt in the garden

This month Frankie started preschool. She’s so lucky to have Lottie there with her. She also knows most of Lottie’s friends, so she skipped off as happy as larry without a backward glance at me. The two of them always play together at preschool and sit together at lunch club. So cute.

two sisters holding hands in preschool uniform, smiling

They’re both bossing each other about at preschool, just as they do at home. “Fafa come!” And “Lots come back here” are standard, but when I pick them up, they skip home together. And when I ask Lottie if she had a nice day, she says “Yeh! Fafa!” As if to say yes mum Frankie came with me. It melts my heart.

two girls hand in hand from behind, walking down a pavement

The weather is slowly but surely getting better and it’s been lovely to get out and about a bit more. The girls are never far away from each other, often holding hands or running together giggling. I love watching them chatting and playing.

two young sisters playing in the garden
two young sisters playing outside
two sisters in coats, laughing outside

Of course we’ve had our fair share of arguments too. Mainly over them both wanting the same drink/toy/bike/parent’s attention. They aren’t adverse to fairly physical rows but they’re over quickly, forgotten and they’re the best of friends again minutes later.

Girls please stay besties forever. There’s no better friend than a sibling and I hope more than anything that you will always look after and love one another. Your relationship is beautiful.



  1. May 22, 2019 / 7:21 am

    Oh this is so lovely to see. The cup row is alive and well here too and they boys recently row over this one pair of yellow socks.
    It’s funny but really annoying too.
    The girls look so cute having fun together:)