Sisters {March 2019}

It’s difficult to believe with the rain hammering and wind howling as I type, that some of these photos of my sisters were taken this month. How gorgeous was that little taste of spring we got at the end of February?

The girls loved getting outside and run, especially now that we have Woody for them to chase. Both of them are far happier outdoors. They even seem to get along better with a bit of fresh air and no toys to argue over.

Two sisters running away from camera after a yellow labrador in the sunshine

The sunshine gave me a glimpse of what the summer is likely to be like. I can’t wait to have some warmer weather. We took Woody out most days and it feels like the pressure is off me to have to entertain them constantly.

Two sisters standing holding hands in a field smiling in the sun
Two young sisters standing in a field holding hands in sunshine
young sisters sitting on a bench side by side, smiling

The previous week was half term and we had such a lovely week with Lottie at home. We had a farm visit with my sister and niece, a trip to the circus and a play date. We finished off with a long walk and park trip around our village with friends. The girls got on famously on the whole with a good measure of pushing, shoving and shouting at each other thrown in for good measure – they are sisters after all!

Two sisters siting next to one another on a basketball court bench
Two sisters sitting on a basketball court bench, one looking at the other, smiling

When Lottie went back to preschool, Frankie was like a lost little lamb. She’s usually quite content on preschool mornings and is really good at entertaining herself when needs be. But having got used to her partner in crime, she didn’t know what to do without her sister. She practically threw herself at Lottie when we picked her up for the first few days.

These sisters seem to be getting closer each time I write. Frankie has recently started calling her sister ‘Lottie Bells’ and she is constantly bossing her around. ‘Come here Lottie Bells’, ‘Play with this’, ‘Come on Lottie’… Luckily Lottie is so laid back she is practically horizontal and she happily does as she is told most of the time, or just ignores the demands.

I know this sisters bond is likely to remain this harmonious for long, so for now, I’m just loving watching them together and enjoying it while it lasts.