Sisters {February 2019}

Looking back at this month’s photos of my two sisters has melted me. Over the last month their sisters bond has moved to a new level. And it’s so lovely to see them together.

Two sisters in bobble hats, standing in a snowy field

Frankie has always loved cuddles and asks for them regularly. Whereas Lottie is less forthcoming with them. She comes for cuddles when she’s tired, or upset, but until recently she hasn’t offered them just for the joy of them. I wonder if she’s seen the benefits of a good old cuddle when watching Frankie. Because suddenly, we’re all getting them, but Frankie definitely gets the lion’s share.

Two sisters cuddling each other

There is also kisses for sisters at bedtime, and Frankie always say ‘love oo Lottie, n’night.’ I doubt they will, but I really hope they do this forever. It never fails to put a smile on my face, regardless of how the day has been.

The two of them have also started to hold hands the last few weeks. Frankie will say ‘hand please Lottie’ and they will invariably run off hand in hand giggling together. That’s why the photos of them holding hands are always from behind – they’re usually off to explore together and find mischief.

two toddler sisters walking through a garden centre holding hands
Two young sisters walking up a hill hand in hand

Now that Lottie likes to go on the swings again, the two of them will happily swing side by side for ages. They giggle and Frankie chats, and they’re happy as Larry.

Two sisters sitting side by side on swings

Lottie hasn’t yet plucked up the courage to go on the big net swing, but she loves pushing Frankie on it, bless her.

toddler sitting on a net swing with big sister pushing her

The two of them are still playing really nicely together too. But this newfound closeness has also made them sisters in crime. If one climbs somewhere they shouldn’t, the other is quick to follow. If they do something naughty while you’re out of the room though, the giggles always alert you to it. I dread to think what they’ll get up to together as they grow up.

Two sisters going down a slide behind one another
two sisters playing on a slide

If the two of them are split up for any reason, I always get nagged to find the missing one. Lottie had a nap this afternoon and within 15 minutes of her getting up (Frankie was still in bed), she started pulling me to the bottom of the stairs, saying ‘Fafa, Fafa’. When I went up to get her, Lottie waited at the bottom of the stairs, jumping up and down with excitement.

Siblings are such a special thing to have in your life. Friends may come and go but if you have a good relationship with your siblings, you always have someone to support you, to celebrate with and to commiserate with too. I do hope these two girls of ours continue in their current inseparable duo.


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